Who Uses the Outskirts Against Russia

In general, the idea that foreign intelligence agencies only use all the negative phenomena that have grown on our soil in order to crush Russia is a correct idea, although it is considered wrong to say it out loud, so as not to confuse the weak minds of ordinary people. For some reason, the population is considered to be adult children who, from mentioning the shortcomings of their family, will lose their faith in the bright and correct purpose of their parents and will lose the desire to be friends with their brothers.

Belief in power collapses much more when it lies for profit or political correctness. So, then it is completely impossible to understand the reasons of what happened in Ukraine. How is it that some Austro-Hungarian general staff was able to create from scratch the Frankenstein of Ukrainian nationalism, which survived the Russian Empire, the USSR, and now is able to survive Ukraine too

What kind of super-empire is this Austria-Hungary, and why, if it is so smart and powerful, did it disappear from the map of the world along with the Ottoman, Russian, and German empires? Why didn’t it win against the British Empire? Why did Austria allow itself to be annexed by Hitler, while Vienna or Budapest are the deep periphery of Europe?

Everything will become much simpler if the truth is told: Malorossiya or Ukraine didn’t yet exist, but there was already the regional nationalism of those who lived on this territory for centuries, whatever they were called. They spent their entire lives rushing between Moscow and Warsaw, Constantinople and the Vatican, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. And this reality was used by all intelligence agencies in the world.

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The Germans, British, and Americans continued this work. They worked with the material that was available. And this material is a deep historical competitive feud between branches of old Russian princely families, some of which remained in Kiev, and others moved east and went through all the Russian principalities up to Moscow.

Ukrainian regional separatism and nationalism, which has become a feature of the national character of the rural inhabitants of these places, is an open secret, a topic for anecdotes, a fact for realpolitik, but a taboo for propaganda. And after that, it is not clear how our brothers in class or family suddenly so massively fell into the induced confusion of cookie givers or publishers of fake books. Is it indeed true that these superhumans are so powerful? If so, is it really possible to resist them in general?

In fact, it is not they who are powerful, but we who are weak and blind. We allow ourselves to be deluded by the mythology of proletarian internationalism, the indestructible union, the unity of the Russian world, Orthodox kinship, and God knows what other myths and fairy tales, in order just not to undermine the foundations of our version of propaganda. And when it collapses with a crash, the image of the invincible Mephistopheles appears on the ruins of the former myth – foreign intelligence agencies that are supposedly inhumanly smart, visionary, skilled, and successful.

Yes, in reality it’s not them who are so smart, but us who are so stupid when we fall into these illusions. The current Ukrainian elite was not imported to Ukraine, but has been growing there for a long time. It is not the State Department that nurtures our fifth column, but we ourselves – the State Department only uses it for its own purposes. It wasn’t the CIA who seduced our officials – they became such themselves, and then the CIA picked them up. It was not London that spoiled our businessmen – it was our officials who made them like that.

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It wasn’t the Vatican or the Austrian General Staff that created Ukrainian national separatism – it was always there before them. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union grew out of national left-wing parties (social-democracy of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania, Latvian social-democracy, Bund, representatives of the Ukrainian, Finnish, and Bulgarian social-democratic workers’ parties).

After all, the desire to dilute the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic with the Russian element in the form of the Eastern Ukraine is not a fight of the centre with the periphery, the city with the village, or the proletariat with the peasantry. This is the fight of the great Russian empire with Ukrainian regional separatism even not on a national or class basis, but on a geopolitical one. Ukraine wants to build its empire, and Russia wants to build its own.

The fact that in this competition with Russia, Ukraine relies on the West and completely loses its agency is the weakness of the imperial project of Ukraine itself. In any case, as an empire, it is non-agency, whether it be with the west or with the Russian Federation. Russia is not fighting against the Ukrainian project, but against the western one, where Ukraine is a part of the project.

But the fact that Ukraine has been cherishing this absurd and untenable project for several centuries is a fact that appeared in Nikon’s church reform, i.e., it appeared even earlier. This is the reality, whether you like it or not.

We must understand that in the world there is no kinship neither by blood, nor by spirit, nor by race, nor by class. There is a kinship by place on the map: if you live in Russia, whoever you are, you are either an imperial or a traitor. You either increase the potential of your place of residence, or weaken it. Whether you do it purposefully or because you are stupid is another matter, but ignorance of the law does not exempt you from responsibility.

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All our weaknesses are not inculcated, but grown in us during the history of reality. And we can only change them if we call a spade a spade and stop believing in stories about the superhuman intelligence of our enemies and the human stupidity of our own. There is no delusion greater or more dangerous than this. All solutions to our problems lie in our hands, and only in our hands.

Aleksandr Khaldey

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