Whose “Default” Is It Really?

NEW – June 28, 2022

I’ve been thinking about where in the West they got the nonsense about the “default” of Russia. No, I understand that in their system they determine themselves where there is a default and where there is not (for example, somehow miraculously two US sovereign defaults disappeared somewhere in the 20th century, in 1933 and in 1971). But, still, at least some decency must be observed …

In our case, the transfer of money was limited after the payments to Russia, by the West itself, so Russia has nothing to do with this whole story. There is no point in restricting foreign investment either — there will be no foreign investment from the West anyway, and the Arabs, Indians and Chinese are not guided by liberal analysis. So why? With a focus on the future? But who is interested in dollar analytical agencies after the collapse of the dollar system?

But after a little thought, I came to the conclusion that there is a sense. And it is connected not with Russia, but with Ukraine. The fact is that the Ukrainian banking system has come close to default. This, of course, cannot be prevented, but it’s possible to push it back a little. And the best way to push the problem away is to link the relevant terms to a completely different line of thought.

In other words, it’s necessary to make sure that the word “default” is associated not with Ukraine or, moreover, its banking system, but with Russia. Moreover, Ukrainian propaganda demonises Russia all the time. And, thus, until Ukrainian citizens are faced with the fact that banks do not make their payments and do not issue deposits, no one will twitch.

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No, there may be some reasonable experts who will try to warn Ukrainian citizens about the danger (for example, I do this in Russia, because citizens should not be responsible for the mistakes of politicians and officials), but in the conditions of mass propaganda of the “default of Russia”, this warning will either not be noticed at all, or will be written off as “Putin’s propaganda”. Perfect design.

In general, this is a fairly frequent method of propaganda protection. Here, the current leadership of the Russian Central Bank is actively composing stories about the fact that if they are fired, then “Glazyev will come and regulate prices and print money”. They do not know what Glazyev will do and cannot know, because their qualifications do not allow them to understand it, but it does not prevent them from spreading horror stories.

Well, it’s possible to come up with other examples. But in any case, I strongly recommend taking a close look at such propaganda stories. Since the fight between the monetary authorities and Mishustin, for example, has already reached a very high scale (since Mishustin cannot significantly improve the economic situation without getting into the current territory controlled by the Central Bank), and this means that the Central Bank will actively conduct various wrecking PR campaigns.

But the world sponsors Nabiullina and Siluanov are not doing well either. Therefore, they are also actively starting to conduct purely propaganda campaigns, since there are no longer enough resources for real ones. And here, too, it’s necessary to be vigilant.

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Mikhail Khazin

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