“Whose PR Are We Here For?”: An Angry UAF Militant Accuses Poroshenko of Issuing Useless Commands

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The militants of the “OUF” [the former “ATO” – ed] blocked by the DPR Armed Forces near Chigari recorded a video message to President Poroshenko. 
Currently this video is being promptly spread on the Internet.

According to one of the Ukrainian militants, the command of “Operation of United Forces” ordered to entrench near the settlement of Chigari, but at this location it turned out that there is no place build trenches because the is area marshy.

“Here, literally, separatists are located at a distance of a shot from small arms, their ‘eyes’. They reach us by opening fire from any small arms,” complains the serviceman.

The UAF soldier reported that the command promised to support the infantry with armored machinery, but this hasn’t happened. At the moment the unit is blocked by the DPR Armed Forces.

“Whose PR are we here for?” said the indignant soldier.


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