Why Are Russian Liberals So Agitated After the Nagorno-Karabakh Agreement?

It would seem that peace has come in this armed conflict, what else can we wish for. Even if someone doesn’t like this decision, it’s better to discuss it when people aren’t dying. And suddenly, the most dissatisfied for ending the conflict were our liberal Vlasov-lovers. And they so harmoniously reacted and all spew their discontent, just like the hawks of war. Of course, they twist all the facts, invent things that didn’t happen.

And the question arises, what exactly are they dissatisfied with?

I must say that these guys are always unhappy if Russia has strengthened, defended its position, earned even more authority in the world. Remember the Ukrainian events, where they were dissatisfied with the attachment of Crimea and the events in Donbass. But they did not act as war hawks, but as peacemakers. It was the same for Belarus when they were hysterical, only to hear that Russia would help Belarus if there was external aggression. And all of a sudden, they are no longer peacemakers in Nagorno-Karabakh, but something quite the opposite.

Here are a few opinions of our liberal Vlasov-lovers, who generally write differently, but their positions are the same: “Russia lost to Erdogan, betrayed Armenia, lost influence in the post-Soviet space, and punished Pashinyan for his anti-Russian position”. Within these borders, these agents of western influence are launching another attack on Russia.

It looks pretty pathetic, but we can clearly see the annoyance of these liberals that they failed to pit Russia against Turkey and thereby make the British happy, who are behind this whole story. And all the fictions about Russia’s guilt are made in the expectation that the Russian authorities will begin to justify themselves, explain something, and even better

Well, here’s what the Deputy of the Pskov Regional Assembly, a member of the Yabloko party, Lev Shlosberg, writes:

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“The agreement between Aliyev, Pashinyan and Putin on a complete cease-fire and all military operations in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone is … (for Armenia and Russia) a legal record of Russia’s non-compliance with two key international treaties: the agreement on mutual assistance between Russia and Armenia and the Collective Security Treaty (CSTO), of which Armenia and Russia are members. Under both agreements, Russia was obliged to provide Armenia with political and, under certain conditions, military assistance after receiving a request from Armenia about a threat from third countries. Appeals were sent by Pashinyan to Putin, but left without satisfaction.”

This person wrote a lie, indicating that appeals for assistance to Armenia were sent by Pashinyan to Russia, but were left without satisfaction. Nothing like this happened. Russia was already forced to intervene when our helicopter was shot down on the territory of Armenia. And this is really an act of aggression against Russia on the territory of our ally and Russia intervened, fulfilling its obligations.

Further, this deputy, based on his own lies, writes seven points about how bad it will be for Russia now. A win-win option, you present a fictional story yourself and then colourfully comment on it in a way that is profitable for you, and you don’t need to really strain yourself and demonstrate the presence of intelligence and analytical abilities.

Or here is another, but now the writer V. Shenderovich, who issued a similar set of false information and conclusions of corresponding value:

“And finally there is a military-political force that really opposes us – not peaceful Ukraine, which has forgotten how to hold a machine gun, not Georgia, famous for cinema and polyphony… – another force, completely different! .. So what? And where is your Shoigu? Everything went to the tractor drivers in Donbass – or is there still a little bit left in case of need to fulfil international obligations? Suddenly there was nothing – neither the army, nor Orthodoxy, nor the Russian Empire itself. … In the end, we lost outright to Turkey, but we punished Pashinyan painfully.”

Somehow it doesn’t occur to this strategist that Russia has fulfilled its obligations without waiting for an appeal from the Armenian authorities, and it’s no secret that if Russia hadn’t intervened now, it probably wouldn’t have been possible to keep Nagorno-Karabakh.

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From the words of this writer, it is clear that he would very much like an international conflict between Russia and Turkey. And it so happened that Russia also protected Karabakh and Pashinyan’s own people will not forgive such behaviour when he managed to hide from the Armenian population the truth about the disastrous situation of the armed forces of Karabakh in this war. In addition, there was information that it was Pashinyan who gave the command to leave the city of Shusha while it could still be defended. Now he is hiding from the people who called him a “traitor”.

Another Vlasov-loving liberal, but already a journalist, Konstantin Eggert, describes how he was disappointed by Putin, Lavrov and Shoigu, who lost influence in the post-Soviet space. At the same time, the journalist defends and praises the courage of Pashinyan, who admitted that Armenia cannot resist and there are problems with mobilisation.

“Moscow has finally lost its influence in the post-Soviet space. Other players will take its place.

I am very interested in how Andrey Kozyrev, the first Foreign Minister of post-Communist Russia, or his deputy Fyodor Shelov-Kovedyaev feels right now. How does Boris Yeltsin look at all this from heaven? I exactly remember that our patriots and all sorts of loyal Putinists scolded – and still scold – as ‘capitulators’ those who in the 90s allegedly ‘surrendered national interests’.”

I thought about this “notorious” post-Soviet influence of Russia in the former Soviet Union, and the way Russia confidently and easily ended this war does not indicate a loss of influence, but quite the opposite, about the good memory of our former neighbours in the Union. Remember, as soon as our helicopter was shot down, a few hours later an agreement was signed and not a single shot was fired again. Everyone was peacefully waiting for our peacekeepers.

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Even the reckless Erdogan did not arise, although all the time of the conflict, both he and Aliyev shouted that they would completely liberate Karabakh from occupation. Everyone still remembers the events around South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Everyone has a very good memory for such things. And then the events in Ukraine and Syria confirmed that Russia has not lost anything, especially in authority. This is what infuriates our liberal Vlasov-lovers the most.

The same thoughts are expressed by other agents of western influence Yu. Latynina and former tie-eater M. Saakashvili. I’ve mentioned only some liberals who posted their articles and videos on Echo of Moscow, where they all shout about the same thing in unison.

PostScript: I think that such a violent reaction of these gentlemen is due to the fact that Russia has again achieved success, and they cannot physically bear this. Or maybe it was hinted to them that they might suffer financially for an oversight that led to another success for Russia.

Aleks Kornov

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