Why Change Technologies That Work So Well?

American neo-Nazis highly appreciate the CIA’s subversive methods used against the Soviet Union to separate Ukraine from it, and clearly count on their equally successful use against the Russian Federation to disintegrate it.

The little-known American website Proud Boys Magazine published an article that expresses the views of American neo-Nazis. And it is very characteristic, because this, in fact, fascist combat leaflet, carefully analyses the subversive activities of the official state structure – the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, the methods of which the authors of the article propose to further use against other states. This once again indicates that there is no “wall of China” between the official structures of the modern American state and the local preachers of fascism. And they understand the world around them and act towards it while being based on the same positions.

The very headline of the article offered to your attention clearly testifies to this: AERODYNAMIC: How a 1950s CIA Program Can Lead the Way for Anti-Communist Propaganda Today.

“There’s a very overt battle between the Right and Left in the United States, and information operations—IO, information warfare, inform and influence, strategic messaging, propaganda, whatever you wish to call it—is a staple of the political diatribe. I recently read about a program run by CIA, code-named AERODYNAMIC. The year was 1949, CIA was just two years old, and they were already planning to liberate Europeans behind the Iron Curtain. Although what follows occurred shortly after World War II and in the early days of Soviet expansion, this story provides insight and some lessons learned in the fight against communism and cultural Marxism in America today.”

Here it is necessary to explain. In modern times, the United States makes no difference between the communist Soviet Union and the modern Russian Federation, viewing them as major geopolitical opponents in the past and present. Therefore, the phrase about the “fight against communism” should not be taken literally, but rather as a euphemism, behind which the direct identification of the USSR and the Russian Federation is hidden. At the same time, the task of “combating Russian influence”, including in the United States itself, remains fully relevant. Hence the author’s appeal to use subversive work methods, which, in his opinion, are still the benchmark today.

“The recent declassification of over 3800 documents by the Central Intelligence Agency provides detailed proof that since 1953 the CIA operated two major programs intent on not only destabilizing Ukraine but Nazifying it with followers of the World War II Ukrainian Nazi leader Stepan Bandera.

The CIA programs spanned some four decades. Starting as a paramilitary operation that provided funding and equipment for such anti-Soviet Ukrainian resistance groups as the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (UHVR); its affiliates, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), all Nazi Banderists. The CIA also provided support to a relatively anti-Bandera faction of the UHVR, the ZP-UHVR, a foreign-based virtual branch of the CIA and British MI-6 intelligence services. The early CIA operation to destabilize Ukraine, using exile Ukrainian agents in the West who were infiltrated into Soviet Ukraine, was codenamed Project AERODYNAMIC.

A formerly TOP SECRET CIA document dated July 13, 1953, provides a description of AERODYNAMIC: «The purpose of Project AERODYNAMIC is to provide for the exploitation and expansion of the anti-Soviet Ukrainian resistance for cold war and hot war purposes. Such groups as the Ukrainian Supreme Council of Liberation (UHVR) and its Ukrainian Insurgent Army (OUN), the Foreign Representation of the Ukrainian Supreme Council of Liberation (ZPUHVR) in Western Europe and the United States, and other organizations such as the OUN/B will be utilized». The CIA admitted in a 1970 formerly SECRET document that it had been in contact with the ZPUHVR since 1950.

The OUN-B was the Bandera faction of the OUN and its neo-Nazi sympathizers are today found embedded in the Ukrainian national government in Kiev and in regional and municipal governments throughout the country.” (source)

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“AERODYNAMIC was a series of clandestine radio broadcasts targeting the citizens of Soviet-occupied Ukraine during the 1950s. Using a transmitting station based in Athens, Greece, CIA broadcast anti-communist and pro-nationalist messages—up to twice a day, for fifteen minutes per broadcast—that had three overall objectives: (1) encourage Ukrainian nationalism, (2) strengthen the resistance of Ukrainians against communism, and (3) provide the target population with facts suppressed or distorted by the Soviets.

The mission was fairly straightforward: ‘Stimulate and intensify discontent and disaffection to the Soviet regime and provide the target audiences with hope of ultimate liberation . . . Concurrently the proposed broadcasts will encourage passive resistance . . . [and urge] organized passive resistance, which can develop into something more active when conditions permit.’ In other words, foster anger and hatred against the Soviet occupation, which would develop passive resistance that could be turned into active resistance if ever appropriate. (This is not too much unlike the far Left’s plan to resist and depose the current administration.)

What follows is CIA’s strategy for its clandestine broadcasts to fight communism in Ukraine, which began in earnest in 1955. These five operational objectives would drive CIA’s strategic messages, with the ultimate goal of helping the Ukrainians to liberate themselves. Here are the five objectives and some commentary:

1) ‘Furnish evidence of outside sympathy and understanding for Ukrainian peoples.’ A Ukrainian diaspora existed in the West, partly consisting of those who were able to escape the darkness of the Iron Curtain. CIA’s objective was to inform Ukrainians still behind the Curtain that they had the support of the West and their Ukrainian brothers in the West; that these two groups sympathized for the plight of Ukraine and would work to liberate them.

2) ‘Intensify anti-regime disaffection by encouraging resentment, bitterness, and distrust of the Soviet regime and its personalities.’ Although I can’t be sure, I imagine that the CIA’s messages to Ukrainians during this period included jabs at the paradox of communism: how can a system implemented to be fair, be so unfair to both the peasants and the elites? If communism is fair, why are there wealthy elites in power over peasants who live in abject poverty? Why has your quality of life plummeted under communism, and why is there no hope of your situation improving.

3) ‘Maintain national consciousness among Ukrainians and urge them to maintain pride in the individuality and heritage of their culture.’ By the 1950s, the Soviets had, for already two decades, implemented forced relocation of non-ethnic Russians from areas of Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, and other nations, replacing these ethnic populations with Soviet Russians. This was the ‘Russification’ of Eastern Europe, which stripped these areas of their heritage and cultures and replaced them with Russian culture. Maintaining Ukrainian heritage and culture was critical to bolstering Ukrainian nationalism, which is why CIA specifically urged Ukrainians to practice and pass on their cultural practices.

4) ‘Create dissatisfaction among Ukrainian military personnel within the Soviet armed forces stationed in Ukraine.’ One way to defeat the Soviets in Ukraine was to slow down and break their machine. If Ukrainian soldiers could be turned against their Soviet commanders, then Ukraine could be liberated much more easily.

5) ‘Create and intensify dissatisfaction among Ukrainian civil authorities to the Soviet regime.’ This is the beginning of ‘fifth column’ activities—sometimes referred to as ‘a state within a state’—which aim to sabotage and foment resistance within the state’s civil authorities.

As you can see, these five operational objectives hold value for both the Left and the Right in today’s cultural war; however, we need to identify these parallels and adopt them for our own uses. That might be community security or community organizing—both of which are key to winning irregular conflicts—so I encourage you to identify themes that will resonate with your target audience (friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc) and ask them questions that are difficult for them to answer; questions that make them think.

For instance, some of the questions these clandestine broadcasts asked Ukrainians included:

Why do Ukrainian letters carry Soviet Russian stamps? Why can’t Ukraine have its own stamps?

Why do Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic priests come under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church? Why not the Ukrainian Orthodox Church?

Why does Soviet Russia continue the Russification of Ukraine? Why have and why are Ukrainians being displaced from your own allegedly sovereign country? This is the land of your forefathers, not theirs.

Why does the Soviet government promote Russian culture taking over Ukrainian culture? Why is Russian culture being forced on you?

Ultimately, these broadcasts began to fracture the myth that Ukrainians were safe and a valuable part of the Soviet Union. It’s clear that the Soviets had other plans, and that Ukrainians and other Eastern European peoples were not equals. Bolstering Ukrainian nationalism was key to saving Ukraine and defeating communism there.” (source)

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Further, the neo-Nazi publication draws direct parallels between this experience of the CIA of the United States and its own strategic tasks in the fight for “white power” in the countries of the West. At the same time, it is clearly based on the fact that the technical and ideological techniques of subversive work used by American intelligence agencies in the 20th century are fully relevant for their widespread use in the present period of time.

In any case, the author of the article considers this activity of the CIA to be the best practice that should be further developed in modern conditions.
This assessment of these technologies is an indirect confirmation of the fact that they are not considered obsolete in the official circles of the current United States. Especially since their massive application in the previous stage of history was completely successful. And not only in relation to Ukraine, but also to a number of other countries of the world. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt that subversive work against the current Russian Federation is being built on exactly the same proven template. And even the “problematic issues” that are being thrown at the Russian audience today are almost the same. Especially if you replace the word “Ukrainian” with “Russian” and “Soviet regime” with “Russian regime”. And the goals of destabilising the enemy state and turning the population against the authorities and leadership of the country, with the aim of overthrowing it and replacing it with the West’s puppet regime, are absolutely identical.

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So thank you to the American neo-Nazis, who have what the CIA has in mind on their tongue.

And as an afterword. I think that our readership will know that in the so-called “global” and, in fact, controlled by the same Western intelligence agencies, Internet, there is an intensive purging of all politically inappropriate resources and materials to the West. This includes Wikipedia and, in particular, the same “Aerodynamic” CIA operation that is covered in this article. The relevant Wikipedia page already features a notice about its imminent deletion.

All the more valuable is information from this American source, which is unlikely to be “purged”, precisely because it is Nazi. I.e., spiritually related to the rulers of the current United States.

Yury Selivanov

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