Why Did Ukraine’s Prosecutor-General Let the Murdering “Right Sector” Nazi Sergey Sternenko Off the Hook?

The editor-in-chief of the “strana.ua” website Igor Guzhva said on his Facebook page why, according to him, the new Prosecutor General submitted the case of the former head of Right Sector in Odessa Sergey Sternenko to the SBU.

“What happened to Sternenko? Why was he removed from suspicion by the Prosecutor General himself, admitting that he personally met the murderer of someone?

According to one possibility the new authorities are afraid to anger ‘activists’. The second possibility — it was agreed in advance that Sternenko won’t participate in the Steinmeier-Maidan.

The third possibility (there is informal talk about this in ‘Servant of the People’) is that Sternenko’s contact with the American Embassy worked.

Although, it may well be that all three possibilities are at work — out of fear there was a deal, and in addition the US Embassy called.

But the result is obvious. For the time being. But the fight continues. We won’t become demoralised.”

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