Why Does Ukraine Use Nazi Symbols?

NEW – June 30, 2022

A few years ago, I watched a Russian TV series about the Great Patriotic War- “The Last Armoured Train”. There was one moment when a Soviet officer realised that this was a German spy by the phrase “I believe in the power of ears of corn” – this was a literal translation of the Nazi slogan… I was very surprised at the time – why didn’t the spy change the slogan?

Many years passed, and well-known events in Ukraine began.

After Maidan in 2014, most Ukrainian TV channels, next to the channel’s logo, appeared the inscription: “One country, one nation”. This is a literal translation of the slogan of Nazi Germany “Eine reich, Eine nation”.

Ukrainian patriots shouted in the streets and squares of Ukraine: “Ukraine above all!” – and this was also a literal translation of the slogan of Nazi Germany:”Deutschland uber alles!”.

I couldn’t understand why they didn’t change these Nazi slogans even a little bit. Why were they translated and used so verbatim? One got the impression that this was done on purpose, ostentatiously.

Then, photos with people with fascist swastikas began to appear, then Ukrainian citizens began to be taught to seig heil… And on it went and went. The most diverse and diverse symbols of Nazi Germany appeared in Ukraine both here and there.

Local residents denied this – and they were not lying. If you are constantly in such an environment and you are introduced to it slowly, dose by dose – it becomes absolutely normal and unnoticeable.

Now, when you look at photos and videos of Ukrainian prisoners, as well as photos from captured locations of Ukrainian units – everywhere there is such a wild and incredible amount of Nazi symbols that, whether you want to or not, you have to admit: fascist ideology has captured so many people in this former country of mine.

Now, when the end of the sad events of the last 8 years has come, all the pieces of this puzzle are beginning to add up to one coherent, logical and sad “oil painting”.

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We have long said that people can be convinced of anything. But, to do this, they need to be given a logical story, repeatedly be convinced of it from every rooftop, teach it in schools, and gradually, generations who have already been brought up in this story will grow up. And no matter what nonsense this invented and imposed story is – if it is logical – it will be believed.

In Ukraine, the following story was “introduced” to the population:

“Ukraine has neighbours – Russian. These are the enemies of Ukraine from the very beginning of their existence (because the Ukrainians appeared earlier, respectively, the Ukrainian culture is higher). They constantly enslaved Ukraine. Not so long ago, 60-70 years ago, the German army fought with them, as well as now Ukraine. And this German army wanted Ukraine to be independent! Look at all the heroes in Western Ukraine who were in German uniforms and fought together with the Germans for the independence of Ukraine! Ask them – they are living witnesses! They won’t lie!”

“And the Germans back then had the same goals as Ukraine – to destroy the enemy – Russia. So – what are they for Ukraine if not idols and an example?”

“What? The population of the south-east of Ukraine says that this is all a lie? Live veterans talk about Banderists’ atrocities? So they speak Russian! They watch Russian zombie TV! Don’t listen to them! And all the stories about atrocities were invented by the NKVD to blacken the patriots of Ukraine! And they – who speak Russian – are descendants and supporters of our ancient enemies!”

And so, this story and began to massively feed the Ukrainian people.

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“Do you love”, they say, “your country? So choose which side you’re on! And don’t listen to what the Russians are saying – it’s all misinformation! Russians are masters of zombification! Don’t you believe me? Listen to what the entire civilised world is saying!”

And the “civilised world” broadcasts the same thing from every corner, just without mentioning Nazism, and so it’s exactly the same thing, including that Russia misinforms everyone around.

I had an old university friend who was about 10 years older than me. He was a searcher, participated in the reburial of our dead soldiers of the Second World War – a great patriot of the USSR, and participated in the leadership of the Komsomol organisation of the university…

And in 2015, he told me all this nonsense. I looked into his eyes and saw that he himself was horrified and confused by this nonsense, but despite this, he tried to be very convincing…

Later, I realised why. Firstly, his son signed up for “Right Sector“. And he had to either accept this nonsense and get used to it, or lose his son. He chose the former.

And secondly, in those years, there was a strong breakdown of local criminality throughout Ukraine. For example, in Nikolaev, in 2014, one local serious criminal authority, went to a restaurant to have dinner, went to the toilet and shot himself. He wasn’t shot, but shot himself. He did not agree “with the new party policy” and was forced to, threatening to kill his family.

Kolomoisky and his team, as well as the Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk elites, under the strict instructions of “senior American comrades”, conducted a tough sweep of the Ukrainian criminal community, from the very top to the very bottom, and very harshly forced everyone to submit to the new ideology.

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And now we have what we have. People believe that the German Army wished Ukraine well and independence. Others hate this same German army solely because of Russian disinformation.

Do you think Verka Serduchka/Andrey Danilko sang “Our father is Bandera” and didn’t believe in what he was singing? I wouldn’t be so sure by now.

And it began, and was done – with various symbols: graphic (swastikas), slogans, chants, Mein Kampf books, etc., since all the most diverse symbols are the glue and cement of ideology. Any.

Therefore, all these symbols were not covered up. That’s why everything was so demonstrative. They were necessary to instill the necessary ideology in the population.

Why would clients do this? And here, too, everything is very logical.

The task was to get the Ukrainians to start killing Russians. After all, only an idea can motivate people to do something. Even money is also a kind of idea.

The formulated ideological doctrine is an ideology.

The ideology of destroying one nation by another already exists – it is called “Nazism” or “fascism”. That’s all. No need to invent anything, everything is logical. For a specific task, they took the ideology that was sharpened for this purpose, and introduced it to the population of the country. End.

So what do we do now? Apparently, the same thing as in 1941-1945, as my grandfather did…

Aleksandr Morfey

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