Why Germany Will Have to Dismantle the European Union

The European Union was supposed to become German. For a long time it was customary to consider it like this. And even when the voluntary merger into a single unitary state clearly did not work out, Merkel’s idea of a “Europe of Two Speeds” revived hope for Berlin’s EU takeover. Literally just a little bit more time, and the Germans, perhaps with the French, will finally bring clear order to this herd.

But, alas. The fourth Reich won’t take place in Europe. Germany faced a deep crisis of elites, which was clearly confirmed on May 10th 2020.

Five days earlier, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany found the quantitative easing program launched by the European Central Bank to be inconsistent with German laws. In fact, it was a revolt against the European Union’s policy on managing Europe’s economic problems with non-market methods

According to honest rules, bankrupt businesses should be eliminated and leave the market, making room for more efficient ones – which are most often German. In this way, Germany could quietly buy up Europe and gradually then transform the rights of the legal owner into political opportunities to govern the territory.

In fact, the idea of a “Europe of Two Speeds” was based on ranking EU countries in terms of solvency, where the rich – Germany – could legally and officially manage the poor. The ECB initiative allows bankrupts to stay afloat at the expense of free, inflated money. It turns out the Germans played honestly and lost precisely because they played honestly. And if such a joke will come to pass in Brussels now, then, in fact, extraterritorial European bureaucracy will seize power in the EU.

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More precisely, seemingly it [European bureaucracy – ed] has already captured it. Ursula von der Leyen, a German citizen, former German Defence Minister, and now President of the European Commission, stated that European sanctions could be imposed on Germany for violating euro-discipline. According to bureaucratic norms, all EU members are obliged to comply with the decisions of the central bodies of the European Union – the European Parliament, European Commissions, and European Central Bank. Frau von der Leyen intends to study very carefully all documents related to the issue in order to establish the degree of guilt of Germany and determine the scale of punishment for the offender.

In the meantime, Germany’s Federal Bank is prohibited from participating in the ECB’s government bond purchase program. In other words, Brussels will distribute euros printed from thin air to everyone except Berlin.

In fact, we are observing a classic crisis of elites. This cannot end in anything good for Europe. The only question is exactly how the system will be further dismantled. That it is inevitable is already obvious.

A direct conflict of all against the center has been added to the confrontation between poor and rich countries within the EU. I.e., the idea of preserving the integrity of the European Union no longer has beneficiaries.

Therefore, either Germany will recognise itself as a country occupied by European bureaucracy under the control of the United States, or it will have to dismantle the current European Union, in a very short time at that.

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