Why Is Odessa So Important for the US?

NEW – March 7, 2023

And it’s not just about the naval outpost of Ukraine – and therefore the forces of NATO and the United States. And not only about the fact that the loss of Odessa is a grandiose moral victory for Russia, after which it will also unite with Transnistria.

No, all of this is important, of course, and extremely significant for the United States, but there is something in Odessa that can directly hit the American economy, and very soon.

For the United States, Odessa is in a sense the “Ukrainian Taiwan”. After all, what do US congressmen mean when they say that Taiwan is now the “front line of the protection of world democracy”? Just that Taiwan is the world’s capital of semiconductors, where all modern technologies are based. The loss of Taiwan will either make America seriously dependent on China, or bring down its industry, led by Apple and Ford, altogether.

The same applies to Ukraine and, in particular, to Odessa. They are the “front stronghold of democracy” for many reasons, including square kilometres already purchased by the West, black soil, forest, and so on.

But Odessa is something that will hit exactly, and very soon. If it is lost. After all, before the start of the military operation in Ukraine, Odessa was almost the capital of the world’s neon production. The one that is just so necessary for the production of these same semiconductors and chips.

Two Ukrainian plants – “Ingaz” in Mariupol and “Krioin” in Odessa – produced around 50% of the world’s total neon up to February 24, 2022. Once again – half of the world’s needs! The United States is 90% dependent on these Ukrainian supplies!

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The remaining 50% of neon production was distributed mainly between China and Russia.

Here it is appropriate to recall that the West claims that Russia is so dependent on their semiconductors that they have already started pulling chips out of refrigerators to stuff them into “Sarmat” and “Kalibr“. We mostly take it with irony. But they are really, at least for the moment, even more dependent! Where are they without neon – without the primary source of all these gadgets?!

Mariupol’s “Ingaz” with the beginning of the Special Military Operation, for obvious reasons, was closed. Odessa’s “Krioin” was also closed. You may ask – why can’t we see the global panic and the cry of the West “All is lost!”

The fact is that the main manufacturers of semiconductors in Taiwan in the autumn of 2021 – “under strict instructions” of the United States – began to assume that military action in Ukraine is inevitable. And they started buying this neon for future use. They created very serious reserves. And in the future – when everything should somehow be “resolved”, they expect that everything will return to what it was before. After all, they have already passed through a similar problem – in 2014. After Crimea became Russian, the neon shortage became incredible, but then everything returned to normal.

By the way, then it was just a perfect example of the Ukrainian essence – “Morality is nothing, money is everything!” At that time, the Ukrainian plant was not based in Odessa yet – and the owners raised the price of neon so that it was increased not just a bit, and not a few-fold – but manyfold! Semiconductor manufacturers then had no choice but to accept such arbitrariness. They suffered huge losses and decided that as soon as they found or created an alternative, they would not make any more purchases from this plant. The plant closed, then moved to Odessa, and began, as if nothing had happened, a new campaign for the global semiconductor industry.

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Question: why don’t the United States and other interested parties set up neon production plants themselves? Answer: it is really easy to create them technically – in those countries where everything is fine with steel production. Only this will take from a year to two. No one wants to invest in it, while they think that, as mentioned above, “everything will be resolved” and return to what it was before.

This is also largely why the United States needs Odessa so much. And that’s why the Americans have deployed the 101st Screaming Eagles amphibious Division in Romania, which is ready to move into Ukraine at any moment. And first of all – to protect Odessa.

Well, if we return Odessa, we will become the undisputed leader in neon production. We are the undisputed leaders in the production of oil, gas, nuclear power plants, state-of-the-art weapons, grain, and fertilisers.

And many other things, where we will be among the top very soon.

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