Why Is Poland Doomed to Finance the Russian Defence Industry?

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, in an interview with the Financial Times, boldly voiced what everyone knows:

Nord Stream 2 is the payment for Russian weapons and Russian defence with our European money. It is very disappointing when such a project has such strong support from key EU countries.

An extremely frank thesis made against the background of Poland’s refusal to extend the contract with Gazprom from 2022.

We will start with this.

So, from what has been said it literally follows: imports are the replenishment of the budget of another country and financing, including foreign defence investments.

Without exaggeration, this discovery is worthy of inclusion on the list of the greatest, because it testifies to the transition of civilisation to a new paradigm, where the Poles finally found themselves in the vanguard of all mankind. Especially since the Polish “master” resolutely managed to voice what everyone knows, but doesn’t speaks about aloud.

And how it all began well.

Out of all Eastern European countries, Poland turned out to be the most privileged in terms of EU aid for economic restructuring. The question is not only and not so much about the size of the country as it is about natural ingenuity, which allowed to steal hundreds of billions of euros free of charge (sometimes in a cunning way, sometimes through blackmail) and this full-flowing stream has still not yet dried up.

In principle, Poland is a model example of a lacklustre country, which, for many years showing stable impressive economic growth, believed that it did everything on its own. And all would be fine, but age-old ambitions gradually leaped up and the country went all-in: unlike the more cautious European grands and even Ukraine, Poland’s leadership made a full bet on the US solely led by Trump, thus, in the event of a loss, risking to fall on the European sidelines. A typical example of “here and now” politics, and there they don’t care what happens afterwards.

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If you make a rough historical retrospective, the Poles have always been such that they threw the country into imperial ambitions, then into colonial dependence, then under the West, and then under the East.

When the last Ukrainian Maidan happened, the first in Kiev was no other than former president A. Kwaśniewski. He showed himself even before Nuland’s cookies, “presciently” seeing an opportunity to bite off once lost territories. And although Kwaśniewski partially guessed right – Ukraine quickly started to lose territories, Poland itself is still in complete disrepair, having provided the fruits of its Maidan voyage to Russia, which D. Tusk (again Polish) called the other day a “strategic problem” of Europe. Now the “masters” take revenge against Ukrainian gastarbeiters, spurring them on with “quicker, quicker!”, and only out of natural modesty without using whips.

“Masters” wouldn’t be gentry if they could learn lessons from the past. Rather, they learn well from the past, but they always do so in a very peculiar way. Apparently, the reason for this is the Polish language, in which the general Slavic word “честь” was whimsically replaced with “honour”, which places an unconscious ban on the recognition of its mistakes.

In this same past they were constantly between East and West, namely between Germany and Russia, where they always got their pennyworth without being able to determine their priorities. And now, instead of making up their minds, they decided: that’s all, that’s enough, well, we don’t need these Germans and Russians, geography is geography, and we are going overseas, regardless of the costs and losses.

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While the Bundestag is confidently removing the European restrictions on “Nord Stream 2” and the day is near when the European Union will be on the verge of a sanctions war with the United States over Russian gas and is aware of the need to ban American liquified natural gas altogether (again at the initiative of the Germans), the Poles build reception terminals for American liquefied gas and prepare to drive it through the pipe, including to Ukraine, exactly between the West and the East, thinking, apparently, that by doing so “I left Grandma Merkel, I left Grandpa Putin , and from you, fox Trump, we will leave too” [a reference to a Russian fairytale called “Kolobok” – ed].

In principle, it’s completely Polish, with one significant amendment: Polish terminals for the reception and regasification of liquified natural gas will not disappear in any case, because, as we are well aware, we have this good in abundance, much closer and cheaper. Especially since the fox has long mastered the scheme of imposing Russian liquified natural gas on unsuspecting natives at American prices.

So, as is said, one can find a suitable nut for each unusual bolt. And we hope that the “masters” will not worry much: geography is definitely fate. They will have to continue, in full agreement with their ambition, to “disappointingly finance Russian weapons and Russian defence with European [and Polish too] money”.

P.S.: Actually, how are the “masters” any worse (or better?) than the mice that cried, were pricked, but kept eating the cactus?

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Aleksandr Dubrovsky

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