Why Is the “Day of the Corrupt Official” So Important for Russia?

I read a message on anonymous Telegram channels, which, rumour has it, attributes to the Presidential Administration. Since they are anonymous, links to them are not mandatory, but the message itself is interesting:

“Last year, foreign direct investment (FDI) in Russia amounted to only $1.4 billion. This is 26 times less than a year earlier. Last time, FDI was so insignificant… In 1994, global FDI flows decreased by 42% compared to 2019. At the same time, in 2020, a significant increase in FDI was observed in Belarus – by 27%, and in Kazakhstan – by 19%. The growth of FDI here was due to the development of the construction industry and trade. It is likely that this is Russian money. If so, it only worsens our situation – investors are fleeing wherever they look”

As forlikely – let’s leave it to the authors’ conscience. I will remind you what I wrote not so long ago about the “elite consensus” of the late 90s, the meaning of which was that the liberal privatisation elite received financial, economic and budgetary policies under its control. For what? For guarantees of foreign investment.

The trick here is that without constant investment, the economy starts to shrink pretty quickly. But there are external and internal investments, and domestic ones are actually prohibited in our country, because from an economic point of view, they are absolutely unprofitable, against the background of, for example, currency speculation. Budget funds… The same liberal team severely restricts budget spending (more than 1 trillion rubles were not invested in the economy following the results of the severely crisis-ridden 2020, see the link described above). There are still foreign ones.

I repeat, the liberal elite group is responsible for this. References to the “bloody dictator” Putin are not accepted at the same time – he does not violate his obligations towards the liberal elite group, which both ruled the finances and the budget, and still rules them. But the liberal group violates its obligations – it cannot agree with the west on a sufficient amount of investment.

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In theory, representatives of this group should come to their western partners and say:

“Guys, we are here because of you violating our obligations inside the country, so we need to give control over the finances and budget of Russia. Therefore, we are retiring and moving to you, to live by the warm sea in retirement.”

It seems to be quite a normal message for partners, but the trouble is that the Russian liberals for the west are just one of the native tribes. And they can’t talk to decision-makers on their own initiative.

They try to convey this idea to the lackeys, but in response they receive (from the same lackeys, even without really knowing whether they tried to convey something “upstream”) instructions along the following lines: “A new order: demolish Putin. While Putin is in power, if you try to leave Russia, you will be subjected to a corruption investigation, all your assets will be confiscated”. What should they do in such a situation? They are afraid to arrange real conspiracies, because they understand exactly that they will be betrayed by their own just after the first conversation. And there is also the danger of being late, as in the famous anecdote in which one of the potential conspirators who came running to inform was put in jail for being the last to arrive.

And it remains, using their opportunities, to do things so that Putin is demolished by the people. Swearing allegiance to the people, of course! I have already explained how this is done in the public sector. Well, from the point of view of external investment – it is written in the above quote. Let’s face it, its real content is as follows: regardless of the political line of power, many more people will come to the rallies against Putin in the autumn. Simply because they will not be able to provide for their families, investment in the Russian economy (total) will fall this year.

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If the hypothesis that these Telegram channels are controlled by the Department of Domestic Policy is correct, then the quoted message is, in fact, self-delivered. The “Kiriyenko team” can guarantee Putin anything, but it is still impossible to compensate for the reduction in the standard of living with political slogans (the desire to satisfy one’s hunger and the hunger of children is a physiological need, and, moreover, everyday). And therefore, all the promises that the Department of Domestic Policy and other structures give to the leadership are lies. However, in their defence, we note that they can do nothing here (unless, of course, we assume that some of the members of this “team” are themselves members of liberal power groups). But they do not resign either, which is also characteristic.

The above quote suggests that the liberal elite group is completely within the framework of the plan of action that their senior partners in the west are implementing. Note, by the way, that the Putin support group can not be interested in this plan, because it puts their physical survival in serious danger. Exactly this is the main reason why I believe that the “Putin plan” exists. Covering oneself with a white sheet and slowly crawling towards the cemetery is not an option that can satisfy Putin.

And, by the way, for the same reason, it is not very profitable for Putin to support corrupt officials: the more a person has stolen, the higher their desire to sell out Putin in exchange for a guarantee of preserving the stolen goods. Here, however, there may be options, so I will not insist. But I insist categorically on the thesis from the previous paragraph, there are simply no alternatives or controversial readings.

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Well, in conclusion: since the next investment cycle begins in March (exactly after, as Mikhail Delyagin aptly called it, “the day of the corrupt official”), it is urgent to look for investments. Putin yesterday hinted about a lot of money that will be invested in the construction (if Siluanov and the liberal governors allow it), but this is not enough. It is absolutely necessary to change the economic and financial policy and replace the foreign investments that have fallen out with domestic ones. With the replacement, of course, of the representatives of the liberal elite group with other, more constructive ones.

P.S: We note that the situation is very similar in the US. The crisis in this country (as well as in the world) is caused by a lack of investment in the real sector. The “Trump plan” just assumed the investment of issue money in the real sector of the US economy, the “Biden plan” – in the financial sector, which refuses to invest in the real economy, which leads to a crisis in the conditions of excess money. So the disease, in general, is universal, another thing is that we have a recipe for a way out, but they … However, do we care about them?

Mikhail Khazin

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