Why Is the Information War Not Achieving Its Goal?

NEW – April 6, 2022

Information wars and psychological and cognitive operations are exclusively a personal phenomenon. The subject and object of these operations are almost identical — a person whose identical blood carries the same hormones, the variability of rational behaviour regarding “bodily reactions” is extremely small. This identity hides the main problem: one can make a plow, a sword, a nut or a bullet out of identical iron atoms — a matter of atomic architecture.

What is commonly called mentality is nothing more than the organisational architecture of society familiar to a person (images and mechanics of interaction with other people). This defines human identity, but at the same time becomes a cage of the mind — by habit we judge others by our own standards.

Do you need to threaten another person? – The first thing that comes to mind is a threat which we ourselves are afraid of. Need to be manipulated? – First, let’s consider an option that would work on us.

And now in practice. The EU/US and Britain are identical to Russia in their vices. All the sins of the Russian authorities are found by the Western authorities in no less, and sometimes more, volume. What makes us different is the structure of society.

The EU/US have an identical structure of semantic interaction with society: real powernominal powerbohemiathe masses. The authorities broadcast their ideas to public opinion leaders (even if they are non-binary unicorns), they in turn broadcast to the masses. The masses are equally appealing to public opinion leaders so that the authorities notice their problem that is unsolvable in the regular state process. Whatever Macron or Biden says in their speeches, the broad masses will not perceive the idea without the bohemia retransmitting it. Hence the cult of heroes — to raise people “out of the mud” into bohemia (the most loyal bohemia is dead bohemia, the reason for huge investments in the cult of George Floyd, as a controlled element of a more faceless BLM).

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In Britain, the system is somewhat more complicated: real powernominal power or nobility (aristocracy or oligarchy, in this case, the method of proximity to power does not play a role)-bohemia or again nobility (in case of an appeal to nominal power)-the masses. The Crown has a choice of how to act, there are routes that are simpler, but longer, and there are shorter, but more resource-intensive ones – nominal power can “pay” for the support of bohemia and nobility with nominal benefits, while real benefits are expected from the real power.

There is no institution of nominal power in Russia, because the communicative mechanics familiar to Russian society do not take much time away from real power. This somewhat simplifies the scheme, but expands it: real powerbohemia or nobility or the nationthe nation (in case of an appeal through bohemia or nobility).

When “everything” began in 2014, our geopolitical opponents set out to break the process of communication between power [the authorities – SZ] and the people. For 8 years, the EU/USA brainwashed bohemia, and Britain – nobility and bohemia. And yes, they did well, but Russian society did not break down from this: a significant part of the nobility and bohemia, realising their communicative non-exclusivity (and the non-exclusive chance to stay out of history and financial channels), preferred not to break away from the aspirations of the authorities and the nation, sacrificing the foreign part of “monetised success”.

The Russian forces of “mental” operations also did not achieve success. Focusing on the Russian social template, the enemy’s masses were chosen as the main target. In order to achieve goals with the masses, huge resources are needed, including media. Their use is extremely noticeable, and therefore almost all methods of manipulative communication uncontrolled by the Western authorities were promptly (in light of the 2016 US election) eliminated (the creation of decent foreign accounts on foreign social networks resembles the crossing of the Dnieper in December 1943 — back then 1,500 soldiers received the Hero’s Star for a reason).

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So far, everything is like this, but people are already firing at the right targets on both sides.


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