Why Is the “Sarmat” Missile So Praised?

NEW – April 28, 2022

In fact, we have all sorts of “Kalibr” and “Kinzhal” that are almost impossible to shoot down and that can be equipped with a nuclear warhead. Why was another missile needed and why is there so much talk about it?

Imagine that you need to hit a target 10 meters away with a rock. What trajectory will you use to throw the stone? Most likely, you will just throw it directly in the direction of the target:

However, if the target is located 50 metres away, you will not be able to throw a stone as “direct fire”. You simply don’t have enough strength to throw a rock at a speed sufficient to fly 50 metres:

Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words

However, you can change the throwing method and throw the stone in an arc. With proper skill and accuracy, the chance of hitting the target from 50 metres is quite real.

Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words

Well, in general, this is what we are taught in school in physical education and physics classes: for maximum flight range, you need to throw a stone at about a 45-degree angle to the horizon.

That is, by applying approximately the same force, you can achieve the flight of a stone at different distances. Just by changing the angle of the throw.

Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words

“Kalibr” and “Kinzhal” are good weapons. But they have a disadvantage – a relatively short range. Something like 1,500-2,000 kilometres.

That is, such a missile will not reach North America. It just doesn’t have enough fuel. Increasing the size of the fuel tanks will also not work, because increasing the amount of fuel increases the mass of the missile. And for more and more mass, you need more and more fuel. It turns out a kind of vicious circle, in which the fuel seems to “carry itself”.

What is the solution? The solution is to send missiles not directly to the target, as the “Kalibr” or “Kinzhal” do, but along the same hinged trajectory. Or – in a ballistic arc.

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Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words
Regular missile, like “Kalibr”

Missiles that are sent along such trajectories are called ballistic missiles. This is the most formidable weapon, capable of flying to an intercontinental range of 7,000-10,000 kilometres and even further.

For example, the famous “Satan”(as it was called in NATO, we call it “Voyevoda”) in its best modification is able to “fly away” for 16,000 kilometres. In other words, circumscribe almost half of the equator (the length of the equator is 40,000 km).

Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words

Ballistic missiles, as a rule, fly through space. That is, through a space in which there is no air, and therefore – resistance. Thus, the rocket does not need a huge amount of fuel to fly all these 16,000 km with the engine running.

The engine of a ballistic missile works only at the beginning to overcome the atmosphere (up to an altitude of about 100-150 km). Then it flies by inertia (including only small engines to adjust the trajectory).

Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words
Sphere of work of the engine – ground, atmosphere, cosmos

It’s very similar to throwing that rock. After all, the stone does not have a motor, it receives energy only at the moment of throwing. And then the flight occurs by inertia. If you threw a rock in airless space, it would fly several hundred meters away from you.

So what’s new for “Sarmat”?

Intercontinental ballistic missiles have been in service since the mid-20th century. Now the Russian army has several types of such missiles at once.

For example,“Topol-M”, which takes off from a mobile tractor on wheels.

Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words

“Bulava”, which takes off from a submarine, and directly from under the water (secretly).

Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words

Or the same “Satan“, which starts from a special pit:

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Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words

In short, there are many ballistic missiles, but they all have one important disadvantage – the same flight range.

For example, the most powerful and sophisticated of all the described rockets – “Satan” – flies at 16,000 km. Yes, this is a lot and easily reaches the United States.

  • For example, the distance from Moscow to New York is only 7700 km.
  • And from Buryatia to Texas is almost 12,000 km.

Any of these distances “Satan” successfully covers. However, it will have to fly through the Arctic. Why? Because this is the shortest distance between Russia and the United States:

Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words

Of course, the flight through the Arctic itself does not have any critical drawbacks. It’s just that the United States knows from which direction it will fly to them. Therefore, on the entire “front” from which it can fly, the Americans have built a missile defense system.

These are both land-based systems and systems on ships that constantly ply in the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

An imaginary line of defense for the US missile defense system
An imaginary line of defence for the US missile defence system

Or here’s what it looks like on a flat map:

US Obrony Line
US line of defence

At the same time, as we remember, ballistic missiles fly by inertia. That is, they cannot manoeuvre significantly in flight. Just like a rock that you threw can’t turn 90 degrees in flight.

That is why “Satan” can not “fly around” the American missile defence system. Because in order to fly around it, it is necessary to initially direct the missile in the direction that does not end up in the United States:

Black arrow – possible flight path of the US missile defense system
Black arrow – possible direction to bypass the US missile defence system

But “Satan” is not able to make such a detour, it does not have engines for this:

Black arrow – an impossible trajectory for "Satan"
Black arrow – an impossible trajectory for “Satan”

The Americans knew and understood all this, and therefore for decades they built their missile defence system roughly along the line indicated above.

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But then “Sarmat” appeared…

Now it will be easy for you to understand what the main feature of “Sarmat” is. It consists of an incredible range of flight, which significantly exceeds the range of “Satan”.

It is reported that “Sarmat” is able to reach the United States through the South Pole. I.e., like this:

Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words

That is, if earlier missiles aimed in the direction of the United States along the shortest trajectory, now they also aim in the direction of the United States, but along the longest trajectory. The globe is round 🙂

Why is the Sarmat rocket so praised? I explain it in simple words

That is, the Americans built their missile defence system based on the logic of an attack from the north, but from the south they have everything open. They didn’t think that Mexico or Chile would fire a ballistic weapon at them, did they:

Red line – missile defense, black line – where Sarmat can fly from
Red line – missile defence, black line – where “Sarmat” can fly from

Thus, Russia seems to have bypassed the United States from the rear and made the entire American missile defence system useless.

Yes, they can start building a new missile defense system, but it’s necessary to understand how expensive it is and how long it will take. The Americans have not yet completed their current (northern) missile defence system. But they had the most well-fed and prosperous years for this.

Right now, a global recession is looming. Not even a recession, but stagflation. Where to get resources for a new missile defense system in such conditions is unclear.

Another plus of “Sarmat”

In addition to the long range, “Sarmat” also has a high speed at launch.

This means that it goes into space much faster than all its predecessors. This is done because any ballistic missile is most vulnerable as long as it is close to the ground.

That is, in theory, “Satan” can be shot down even during takeoff. Well, if one is lucky, of course. Shooting down “Sarmat” is unlikely to happen – there is simply no time left for this – it goes to an unattainable height within a few tens of seconds.

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