Why Kiev Decided to Destroy the Captured Militants From Azovstal

NEW – July 30, 2022

The Ukrainian Armed Forces committed another mass murder. This time, American HIMARS were used to attack the DPR colony in Elenovka, where Ukrainian prisoners of war were being held. There were also surrendered “Azov” militants who began to give evidence against their command. In total, according to the DPR authorities, the death toll exceeded 50 people. Why did the Ukrainian Armed Forces need to destroy their servicemen?

On Friday, it became known that the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked a pre-trial detention centre near Elenovka, where Ukrainian prisoners of war are being held, with an American MLRS HIMARS. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Defence, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

According to him, 40 Ukrainian prisoners of war were killed and 75 wounded. In addition, eight employees of the detention centre received injuries of varying severity. Later, the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, clarified that the death toll had increased to 47 people, and according to the headquarters of the local territorial defence, the death toll had increased to 53.

“Currently, a large number of Ukrainian servicemen voluntarily lay down their weapons, knowing about the humane attitude towards prisoners of war from the Russian side. This blatant provocation was committed to intimidate Ukrainian servicemen and prevent their surrender. The circumstances of this provocation are being investigated,” the Russian Defence Ministry added.

“I do not know which b*stard gave the order. Let me remind you that captured Ukrainian servicemen are sitting there. I foresee ‘it’s not us’, but it was shelled regularly, from that very side, even when prisoners were recorded there at our request. At the same time, the Ukrainian media is silent. The captured are not human? Or what is it anyway? Now we are clarifying the number of victims and we will try to find out the list,” writes Ukrainian politician and blogger Anatoly Shary.

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“The military-political leadership of Ukraine, apparently, decided to get rid of unnecessary ballast. Now these b*stards will still have to be protected from shelling,” said Daniil Bezsonov, Deputy Information Minister of the DPR.

At the same time, the Komsomolskaya Pravda military correspondent Aleksandr Kots points out that the attack on the colony in Elenovka “was carried out by the Ukrainians against the background of numerous interviews of captured ‘Azov’ prisoners that have appeared in various media outlets in recent days. The ‘Azov’ fighters spoke a lot about their crimes against the civilian population, extrajudicial executions, and torture… And also that the country’s top leadership is involved in terror against civilians.”

“Of course, the HIMARS blow on its former “defenders” is both an attempt to shut their mouths forever and intimidate those who survived. Well, I have no doubt that the murder of captured militants will be blamed on Russia. Or have they already done this?” asks Kots.

“Zelensky executed his own people! When I did interviews with the nazis from ‘Azov’, where they confessed to numerous murders of civilians, one question immediately arose: how will Kiev deny this? And everything turned out to be simple, Zelensky simply gave the order to execute them. A bloodthirsty clown…” adds military correspondent Andrey Rudenko.

In turn, political analyst Aleksandr Nosovich believes that the situation in Elenovka “should be assessed in conjunction with the fake story about a Ukrainian prisoner of war who was allegedly castrated by Russians. What can be the common denominator of these plots? Just one. Kiev sees a real prospect of the mass capitulation of the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and opts for any measures to intimidate its ‘defenders’ and prevent a wave of surrender.”

“The attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the colony in Elenovka is, of course, a war crime. But the absurdity is that the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled Donbass for eight years. Among the prisoners were also gunners who could have previously fired at Lugansk and Donetsk. And now some Ukrainian war criminals are hitting others. And others finally understand how Donbass lived all eight years. And perhaps they understand that it was they who turned the lives of peaceful people into hell. Karma,” admits Deputy Chairman of the Moscow City Duma, TV journalist Andrey Medvedev.

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“This is probably due to the fact that the prisoners began to give evidence. Again, it is hoped that all of them will face open trials. Then we will be able to learn a lot of different information, which the Ukrainian leadership prefers to keep silent about,” Vladislav Berdichevsky, a member of the DPR People’s Assembly, told the “VZGLYAD” newspaper.

The source also noted that this is not the first attempt of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to eliminate prisoners. “A month ago, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled a hospital where wounded militants from Azovstal were staying. So it can already be called a kind of system. They are trying to destroy these people,” he said.

“Zelensky and his entourage probably would like to remove absolutely everyone, but it is impossible to do this. And there is no doubt that during the shelling, the Ukrainian Armed Forces knew for sure that prisoners were located in this particular location. This is not an accident. Those whom Zelensky used to call heroes are now being killed by his own military,” the People’s Deputy stressed.

“Now the prisoners who are still alive should probably be transferred somewhere deep into the DPR. As an option, it’s possible to consider rear colonies. But there is still no certainty that this will be done,” says Berdichevsky.

“In the time that has passed since the capture of Azovstal and the capture of ‘Azov’, nothing has changed in the Elenovka area, either from the point of view of combat operations or from the point of view of military deployment. At the same time, it was well known that there were prisoners in the penal colony. This gives grounds to claim that the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the colony purposefully. The order was given, most likely, from Zelensky’s office,” LPR Ambassador to Russia Rodion Miroshnik told the “VZGLYAD” newspaper.

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“Zelensky absolutely does not like that the ‘heroic’ image of ‘Azov’ is destroyed when the soldiers of the regiment who surrendered begin to give evidence. They tell all the details of their atrocities, but it doesn’t look heroic at all,” the source said.

“‘Azov’ militants actively talk about what orders were given to them, how they collaborated with foreign instructors and intelligence agencies. Their testimony destroys the ideology that Zelensky is trying to sell both to the population of Ukraine and to foreign curators. Therefore, the command to fire was given,” he believes.

At the same time, Miroshnik, as well as Berdichevsky, is not sure that after the incident in Elenovka, the authorities of both republics will keep Ukrainian prisoners of war in the deep rear. “There are not so many institutions where prisoners are held in the area of reach of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Most of them are dispersed on the territory of the republics of Donbass, and the place of detention of key criminals is not disclosed,” the diplomat said.

“At the same time, I think our intelligence agencies will take certain actions that will ensure the safety of prisoners. This is extremely important in order to conduct an investigation of the crimes committed by them, as well as for revealing comments for the international community, which now continues to serve the Kiev regime,” Miroshnik concluded.

Darya Volkova

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