Why Kiev Keeps Postponing the Nationwide Population Census

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



At the moment no more than 30 million people live in Ukraine, that’s why a population census isn’t favorable to the authorities, especially before elections…

Ukrainians have for a long time not been 48 million, and even not 30 million. This was reported on July 19 on the air of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” by the political expert Mikhail Chaplyga.

At the same time, according to Chaplyga, the authorities don’t aspire to hold a census because the presidential elections are not far away, and after them there will be elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

Dead souls [people who exist on paper, but in reality they do not – ed] as it was described in classic literature, must vote sometime, they exist somewhere in registers. That’s why if a population census is held, we will learn that we sociology is very distorted.

Because we know that sociologists use the general figure, and we will learn why sociology shows someone as having 15-20% support, but in reality we receive 40-50%.

Nobody will hold any census before elections because it will be a bomb and we learn how many people actually live in Ukraine,” said Mikhail Chaplyga.

He added that statements about 45 million Ukrainians are a myth, since nobody can say precisely how many people live in Ukraine.


According to him no more than 30 million Ukrainians live in Ukraine, and maybe it is actually much fewer. Therefore, carrying out a population census is unprofitable for the authorities, because the truth can be too painful, especially before elections.

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As a reminder, the first population census took place in 2001. Back then the population of Ukraine was nearly 48 million people. Since then the census was constantly postponed for different reasons. In 2013 the all-Ukrainian population census of Ukraine was supposed to take place, however it was postponed by the Cabinet of Ukraine firstly for 2016, and then for 2020.

Earlier Glavnovosti reported that according to the UN’s forecasts, by 2100 the number of Ukrainians will become much less. The fact that the UN expects that Ukrainians will live up to 2100 certainly installs optimism, while the same UN analysts placed Ukraine on the list of endangered countries.

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