Why Maidan Isn’t Working in Belarus

The Press Secretary of the “Belaruskali” strike committee, who fled to Lithuania, spoke about why factory workers in Belarus did not massively support the strike. The citizen gives an interview to the TV channel “Present Time”, which in the Russian Federation is included in the register of “foreign agents”, since it is a project of the American company RFE/RL, Inc. (Radio Svoboda) and “Voice of America”, funded by the US State Department. The NextaTelegram channel, which is supervised by the Polish security services, posted a video of it.

But the most enchanting thing is the quote. Workers in Belarus do not go to Maidan, because “they are bound hand and foot by high salaries, a good social package, cars, apartments, and houses”.

Well, it’s nothing, if the coup succeeds, and Tikhanovskaya – running around Lithuania – becomes President, then the workers of Belarus will suck dick together with the workers of Ukraine at the entrances of enterprises that have been closed and dismantled for scrap. And there will be no problems with high salaries, social packages, and so on – they can jump every day with a pot on their heads outside the Verkhovna Rada or wherever they jump there.

This is all you need to know about the Belarusian Maidan.

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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