Why NATO Teaches the Israeli Military to Capture Russian Villages

Jewish soldiers fighting shoulder to shoulder against German fighters capture a Russian village. It is this scenario that was played out this week in the Bavarian forests. The manoeuvres of NATO in Germany, in which thousands of soldiers from all countries of the Atlantic bloc participated, this time distinguished itself by the participation of a full battalion of Israeli parachutists. Many wrote about these manoeuvres, but the western press reported about it evasively – like saying, manoeuvres are just manoeuvres. Only the Israelis were not ashamed to release a video in which it is said with all frankness, worthy of a better cause: our enemies are Russians, and our objective is to capture and occupy Russian villages. The Bundeswehr is our friends and comrades in arms.

However, the role of Russians was played by the German unemployed, hired for €100 per day. They were supposed to show how Russians will react to a NATO occupation (spoiler: they will react positively, with indifference, and anyway tipsy). The role of the Russian army was played by Latvian units.

In both the video and the article of the Israeli correspondent it is emphasised how the Israeli soldiers are better equipped than everyone in NATO, everyone envies them. (Only the video speaks about the objectives and enemies, and the article bypasses this acute angle.) The friendship started between the Israelis and the Germans is also noted. The Israelis flew to Bavaria directly from service – the occupation and suppression of Palestinian villages, and now they were tasked with occupying and suppressing a Russian village.

A lot of pride is shown by the Jewish fighters, and they willingly remember the events of World War II – like saying: back then we were weak, and now we became strong. Nobody thinks about the fact that back then the Russians fought to save Jews, and now Jews train in order to defeat and conquer Russians. The Israeli army slotted into the orders of NATO, and is ready to take part in a new Drang Nach Osten – a campaign to the East that Washington and Berlin threaten to carry out.

The participation of Jewish soldiers, the descendants of those who were saved by the Red Army, in the preparation of a new campaign to Russia did not cause any resonance.

Israel Shamir, KP

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