Why Portugal Must Kneel Before Russia and Repent

The 80-year anniversary of Germany’s attack on Poland took place, and the West won’t at all calm down. For days in a row the western media doesn’t cease the campaign under the name “The USSR is the instigator of World War II”. Using the fact that the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact with Germany in 1939, the whole world tries to convince that the USSR was the same “aggressor” as the Third Reich.

They thus try to attach to our country the status of a state that has committed a “crime against peace and the security of mankind”. The goal is to delegitimise the membership of Russia in the UN Security Council.

The matter is that Roosevelt’s principle of “four policemen” was the basis for the formation of the Security Council. It said: the main victims of Nazi aggression – the USSR, the US, Great Britain, and China – must create a special body within the framework of the United Nations whose task will be to prevent the revival of militarism and a new world war. Respectively, if the Soviet Union was not a victim, but an “aggressor” in World War II, then its successor Russia takes its place in the UN Security Council “illegally”.

At the same time, the initiators of the current campaign perfectly understand that they can implement their invention only in one case – if it is supported by more than a half of the members of the United Nations. Therefore the campaign for the recognition of the USSR as the “instigator of World War II”, which begun in Poland, the Baltics, and Ukraine, spread worldwide.

A few days ago Portugal also joined it. Local media distributed the appeal of the journalist José Milhazes to Russia with the demand to “kneel and ask for forgiveness” from Poland, Finland, Ukraine, and the countries of the Baltics for the “Molotov-Ribbentrop pact” and the “Soviet occupation”. At the same time, Milhazes refers to his “excellent knowledge” of Russian and Soviet history. From 1977 to 2015 he constantly lived in the USSR, and then in Russia. At first he was an ardent communist, then he changed and became an employee of the Gorbachev Foundation.

At the same time, Milhazes didn’t mention a word about when his own country will repent for the genocide of the Soviet people. In 1936-1939 Portugal was involved in the civil war in Spain, which became the first act of World War II in Europe. In fact, back then the Portuguese, together with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, carried out military intervention in a state that was a member of the League of Nations. The Portuguese legion of “Viriatos”, together with the Germans and Italians, fought not on the side of the lawful government supported by the USSR, but in the ranks of fascist mutineers. At the same time, the legionaries distinguished themselves by a number of bloody crimes.

One of them took place on November 14th 1936 when the body of the Soviet pilot in a box, beheaded and chopped up into pieces, was dropped on Republican-occupied Madrid. A note was attached to the box: “A gift from Franco”. After conducting a medical examination it was established that the person had been cut into pieces whilst still being alive. He was the Soviet Lieutenant Karp Kovtun. Aiming to help the lawful government of Spain in the number of Soviet military experts, he made an emergency landing at the positions of rebels and was taken prisoner. Those responsible for his painful death weren’t punished.

Subsequently, representatives of a legion of “Viriatos” participated in a campaign to the USSR. As a part of the Spanish “Blue Division” they punished the civilian population of the Novgorod region.

In addition, Portugal, which officially supported Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union, but at the same time kept neutrality concerning the US and Great Britain, supplied the Third Reich with strategically important material – tungsten. Besides this, the Portuguese government delivered to Nazi Germany food and … black slaves from their own colonies.

The Nazis paid generously for all these goods. Thanks to this business the Portuguese improved their financial position considerably. In particular, the gold reserves of Portugal for this period increased almost sevenfold. Some of this gold arrived directly from Nazi concentration camps. It is no accident that on the day of Hitler’s death, the Portuguese dictator Salazar declared mourning in the country. For the Portuguese, the death of the Fuhrer indeed looked like a tragedy – the end of their bloody business. However, not only for the Portuguese. A part of the profit from the Nazi-Portuguese trade was received by England, which at this time was fighting against the Third Reich.

The initiators of the current campaign are TODAY counting on the descendants of those who BACK THEN helped Nazis. Especially since after the war many of them suddenly became “participants of the Resistance”, and a part of them became even communists. For a long time the Soviet Union also gave them “international aid”, financing the numerous Communist Parties. Now the descendants of these “brothers” have the impudence to demand compensation and “repentance” from us.

When you look at what they write and say today, you involuntarily come to the conclusion that the deliverance from all these communist “friends” became a real blessing for Russia.

Yury Gorodnenko

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