Why Russia Doesn’t Respond to the Shelling of Border Cities With a Strike on Kiev, & Why We Don’t Destroy Those Who Shell the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant

NEW – August 18, 2022

Probably, I’m not the only one who on social networks has to read comments under publications with news about the shelling of settlements in Russia, or the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant like:

But when will we hit Kiev in response?” or “Why not just strike those who shoot at the NPP?”

So sofa military analysts and strategists have responses in store for all the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the only thing that matters is that they are allowed “to the button”. They would certainly have opened fire!

I tried to get a really competent answer from my close relative, who has a high rank and holds a serious position in the Strategic Missile Forces. And he answered something like this. Let’s start with the second question, which is simpler.

After all, it seems so easy – to detect where the NPP is being shelled from and burn everything there to the ground.

But nothing is easy. The same HIMARS, in fact is just a truck with missiles. It was “charged” in a closed hangar, drove dozens of kilometres, shot back and left again. Theoretically, of course, it’s possible to track the approximate direction from which the shooting was conducted. Only there was no sign of it. And it is unlikely to show up a second time in this same place.

It’s not possible to cover the entire sky with drones that would track the movement of Ukrainian troops. But, yes, of course, if the location can be detected, it is hit. And then on TV, on Telegram or VK, we see “footage of the destruction of enemy equipment and manpower”. This is so, in general terms, for understanding:

Why don't we respond to the shelling of our cities with a strike on Kiev and why don't we destroy those who fire at the NPP? Responses from the Strategic Missile Forces Commander

With the second question, everything is much more complicated. As it seems in theory it should look like: a UAF missile flew into the Belgorod region, destroyed three houses, and we Sarmat them in the centre of Kiev! So that they know!

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They know. They know very well that we can. And the West knows. Only this will be the point of no return. Slowly, but surely, Zelensky’s “Western partners” are beginning to realise who the “great Ukrainians”really are. And, I would even say that in the information war, a turning point is coming in our favour. But this is only one of the factors.

Secondly, the current attacks are rather targeted and hooligan in nature. These are more provocations, which they are trying to encourage us to launch mirror attacks on the civilian population. And then the green devil will jump out of the snuffbox and say to the whole world: “Aha! I told you, they’re the aggressors! Hit the Russians!” At the same time, the burnt-out house near Belgorod will not be shown in the world media, but the damaged store in Kiev will be shown 24 hours a day on all channels.

Thirdly. That’s when a full-scale war will begin. The Ukrainian diaspora on the territory of the Russian Federation is huge. Yesterday’s sales manager Sidorenko, who peacefully drank coffee in the smoking room, having lost their relatives during the shelling of Kiev, will join a terrorist group tomorrow and explosions will start. In shopping malls, metro stations, and squares. And the shelling of our territory will begin on a completely different scale and with a different number of victims.

No, of course, everything written above is not the ultimate truth, and the Commander-in-Chief did not personally say all this to my relative in a private conversation. What is being discussed at the General Staff is unlikely to ever become public. But the direction of thought is set. Think ahead.

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