Why Russia Is to Blame for Biden’s Corruption

I’ve been waiting a long time for Moscow’s hand to be found in the case of Burisma and Hunter Biden. It was almost impossible to link the Kremlin to this, but the New York Times reporters can do anything.

So, in April 2013, Joe Biden resigned from the Board of Directors of Burisma (Ukraine), as he became US Vice President. I.e., it happened before any outrages in the form of the Maidan and the coup in Kiev – and instead of Biden Sr., Biden Jr. was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2014.

The corruption of this scheme was that “Burisma” had access to the highest echelons of American power, paying the Biden family tribute in the form of wages and getting the best protection in Ukraine as a result.

If to follow American laws to the letter, this family should have already been jailed for 40 years each – but then in America, Trump appeared, and the entire top of the US Democratic Party amicably rushed into battle against Putin’s agent.

The piquancy of this situation is that the Democrats were not able to prove either Trump’s ties with the Kremlin, or Russia’s influence on the presidential election in 2016 – and even if someone had a feeling that Trump continued to work for Russia, then they (feelings) can not be sewn to the case, and with real evidence lots of seams are created.

No one has ever managed to link Burisma and pressure on Biden to Moscow, but then NYT reporters came up with a brilliant idea – they say that the insidious Russians are using a disinformation campaign against Biden in order to distract the attention of the free and sick American public from their future interference in the election.

“Top congressional Democrats warned in a cryptic letter they released on Monday that a foreign power was using disinformation to try to interfere in the presidential election and the activities of Congress, and demanded a prompt briefing by the F.B.I. to warn every member of Congress.

While the letter writers, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, did not specify the threat, officials familiar with a classified addendum attached to it said the Democrats’ concerns touched on intelligence related to a possible Russian-backed attempt to smear the presidential campaign of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.”

Do you feel this language, these refined phrases? The letter was not specific, but the Democrats demanded an FBI briefing; it refers to a potential attempt by Russia to smear Biden’s presidential campaign.

Now in fact: most of all, the presidential campaign of Joe Biden can harm the long corruption tail of the candidate, which, by the way, stretches not only to Ukraine – in China, sleepy Joe was also fed very well.

The second factor that can bring down Biden’s approval rating is his senile dementia. Grandfather forgets the names of even the closest aides, and if the situation worsens by November, he will be able to forget the English language.

For the Democrats, sleepy Joe is the ideal candidate, with him it’s possible to do anything at all. Given the state of the grandfather, his place is likely to be taken by the future Vice-President in a couple of years – and now he is really becoming a key figure of the coming power.

The only thing that depresses me about this whole story is the total decline in the competence and intelligence of Anglo-Saxon journalism and the intelligence community.

Personally, I would make this story such candy that would be studied in secret service academies in decades to come, giving it to cadets as an example.

Want an example? Easy!

Let’s assume that the company “Burisma” is a secret branch of the KGB. Proof? Almost every Ukrainian Burisma employee has family ties in Russia, and the company itself is an ideal tool for corrupt recruitment of senior US officials. Get the idea?

This idea can already be promoted so that no politician will whitewash themselves, and Russia’s guilt in interfering in the internal affairs of America can be considered practically proven.

Did you go to your grandmother’s house in Tambov in your youth to plant potatoes? That’s it, you were recruited there, you’re an agent of Putin! Do you talk with your sister from Ryazan? Ah, so here it is, a direct channel of communication with the FSB! You go to your grandfather’s grave in Belgorod? You get instructions from Russian security officers, you nit!

In the end, you can turn it so that poor sleepy Joe was pressured by the bloody Kremlin tyrant himself – but Joe did not give up, took money, but did not sell principles, no-no! He’s just a hero, the perfect President for a democratic America.

It remains only to put red underpants on over a suit at any election rally – and the admiring electorate will float in ecstasy and permanent orgasm.

And what we see today is childish babble, really. Some Skripals – and no evidence. Some interference in elections – and again babble instead of arguments.

I’m ashamed of you, ladies and gentlemen!

Oleg Adolfovich

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