Why Russian Liberals Don’t Speak Out About the Protests in the US & the Actions of the Police

Now, when protests against police lawlessness are taking place in the United States, I would most like to hear the opinion of Russian opposition and liberal-minded citizens regarding the events taking place in the “city on the hill”.

No, well, isn’t it just that this category of people with beautiful faces often repeats to us mantras that the Russian police and National Guard allegedly trample on their civil rights?

So where is their indignation at the fact that American police officers are now dispersing, with the help of special means, people who have taken to the streets in search of justice?

No, of course, now some will say: and why should the Russian opposition speak out about events in the United States, if they live in Russia and care about Russia?

Because, my friends, this same opposition, often with the words “but look how they live”, happily clapping their hands, is shoving the “achievements of Western democracy” into the information space. So, why shouldn’t we discuss this too?

Didn’t the followers of the blogger Navalny and loyal readers of MBH-Media, owned by Mikhail Khodorkovsky (MBH, by the way, if you didn’t know, are the initials of the host Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky) write on social networks that “in normal countries, the police do not disperse peaceful protesters, but defend their rallies”?

All right, let’s go in the other direction. Those people who like to set as an example the “blessed west”, and who call for disobedience against the police, during various protests in Russia, it would seem, should also be happy to set as an example the freedom-loving Americans who “were not afraid to go beyond their rights” and who showed an example of exactly what this liberal public itself calls for – not to obey the police. It would seem that it is beautiful, visual campaign material. But no, they’re silent for some reason. They do not comment.

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Meanwhile, the protests continue in the United States. The other day a journalist of CNN was detained live on air when he was filming a report at the place of events, and with the camera still turned on, the correspondent calmly continuing to broadcast was handcuffed.

But for some reason the “Putin is a liar” public, who advocate freedom of speech, for some reason did not see a violation here and continue to be indignant at the detention of Echo of Moscow journalists who went out in solitary pickets in support of the “police ombudsman” Vladimir Vorontsov.

Well, it’s just necessary to understand that this is different. Right?

Koleso obozreniya (Zen Yandex)

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