Why Russian Missiles Are Now Flying Above Ukraine

NEW – January 19, 2023

The “logic” of stupid Russophobes: if Russia had not launched missiles at Ukraine, they would not have been shot down by the air defence of Ukraine, and they would not have fallen on residential buildings.

Unicellular ones are not even able to ask themselves the question: why is Russia launching missiles at Ukraine? I know their unicellular answer in advance: “to destroy Ukraine”. But ask yourself, Russophobes: why didn’t Russia want to destroy Ukraine before 2014?

Does it not occur to you that if the bastard Zelensky, who was elected for peace, had fulfilled the Minsk Agreements and not dragged Russia’s enemies to Ukraine, then Russia would not be launching missiles at Ukraine now?

But Zelensky (read: and the herd of Russophobes) did not need the DPR and the LPR as part of Ukraine, he needed a victory over the DPR and the LPR.

And how is it exactly better for Ukraine now than if Ukraine had fulfilled the Minsk Agreements then, in 2021?

And if Russia’s enemies had not carried out a coup in Ukraine in 2014, and had not brought Banderist degenerates to power, then there would not even have been Minsk Agreements — Ukraine would still live in peace with Russia today.

Or is it better now in Ukraine, in poverty, under the dictatorship of Bandera, with the prohibition of the language and the church of millions of Ukrainians?

What, Russophobes, there is nothing in your head to understand: the reason is in your yourselves? There could be peace even today, but you need war. You don’t need peace, but a flaming Kremlin!

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Is it your right where you want to strut and which NATO military bases to deploy in Ukraine? So it is Russia’s right to defend itself from enemies! If NATO has decided to fight Russia in Ukraine and via Ukraine, then what is Russia’s fault?

It was you who destroyed Ukraine! For what? For the sake of NATO? Ukraine has been living in a world without your NATO for more than 20 years, and no one threatened Ukraine until NATO brought Banderist degenrates to power in Ukraine.

So why are Russian missiles now flying above Ukraine, Russophobes?

Aleksandr Skubchenko

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