Why the MSM’s Syria Campaign Was Doomed From the Beginning

By Ollie Richardson

One would think that after over 100 years of experimentation with propaganda and social engineering, what remains of the Anglo-Saxon empire would be able to cope with and successfully achieve all of its aims and objectives when it comes to the contemporary Syrian war. The well-oiled machine that presented the Kaiser as a beast, Milosevic as a brute, Saddam as a psychopath, Gaddafi as a tyrant, Yanukovych as a corrupt oligarch, etc for some reason failed when it came to presenting Assad as a mass murderer and Putin’s Russia as an aggressive rogue State. Despite having invested a vast amount of money and time in a gigantic NGO campaign, the Western “civilised” world has failed to “balkanise” Syria and to hand over the keys to Damascus to their pet jihadists. Why? The answer is rather simple: there were too many holes in the narrative being shoved down the throats of laypeople.

1. The MSM failed to successfully present Assad as “illegitimate” and to re-draw Syria’s borders in real-time…

If to reduce things down to basic concepts, the task of the MSM throughout the Syrian war was to seed the idea in the minds of the general public that Assad was not the legitimate leader of Syria, and that the borders of the Syrian State were flexible, depending on the needs of the salafist terrorists at the time (territory controlled by US spec ops and by jihadists is “Syria”; areas controlled by Assad are “occupied”). Two facts could not be scrubbed out by the West: the UN recognises the Syrian State and its border are defined on paper; and the UN recognises Bashar al-Assad as the legitimate leader of Syria. I.e., if the US/UK/EU axis insists on using its toy UNSC mechanism to try to send sovereign nations back into the stone age, then there will always be the chance that it can boomerang back against them. Thus, the MSM was also unable to somehow present Assad’s request to Moscow for help as “illegitimate”. In addition, it wasn’t succeeded to present Assad’s Syrian Arab Army as some ragtag militia that is less legitimate than the US/French/British special forces present in the Levant. The “Free Syrian Army” was supposed to be the “legitimate” force fighting for the Syrian State, but in reality this narrative had more holes than a colander, since many “vetted” groups that were receiving TOW missiles from Washington were seen fighting side-by-side with Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra against the Syrian Arab Army.

Lastly, another problem here is that the MSM failed to explain how Assad went from being a friendly “reformer” to a “bloodthirsty tyrant”. After all, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do a Google search and find images of Assad and leaders of the West seemingly being on friendly terms. This phenomenon has remained unaddressed by the MSM since the very beginning of the war. Does a time machine exist?

2. The MSM was not able to fully sell the “White Helmets” package…

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The “White Helmets” NGO, founded by the British pirate known as James Le Mesurier and led by the bonafide terrorist Raed Saleh, in general failed to help the West smash Syria into pieces. The MSM pumped out the same format of videos (idiots in helmets running around with “children”, violating all norms of medical practice) and used them in the same style of reports – Assad “bombed” some neighbourhood, “deliberately targeting hospitals and civilians”, and so on… What is a shame is that this scam was able to convince enough tax payers back in France, America, Britain, etc to support the genocide being committed by their respective leaders. But it was not able to damage Syria anymore than the two Tomahawk strike episodes did.

The work of people like Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Pierre Le Corf, and others successfully pierced some holes in the flimsy “White Helmets are saving victims of Assad’s regime” narrative, and thus the citizens of the West were able to see an alternative viewpoint, even if Google, Yahoo, and other biased search engines try their best to hide such information. The MSM only had one tool to control the post-bombing narrative, but it turned out to be a briefcase without a handle. After all, how many photos, videos, and articles now exist showing the “White Helmets” – like their “FSA” brothers – working side-by-side with Al Qaeda and ISIS? Why is this “civil defence” group always present in the same areas that terrorists control? The MSM will say that they are all photoshops or CGI? It simply won’t work on anyone who has a positive-integer IQ.

3. The MSM did not manage to present Russia’s presence in Syria as “illegitimate”…

Similar to point #1, the MSM did its best to smear Russia’s deployment at the Hmeymim airbase and to milk the PMC topic. Fifth column media in Russia hurried to publish (here is an example from Bloomberg) “exclusive investigations” about the Kremlin’s alleged use of “mercenaries” from “Wagner”. The aim was to give something that is completely legitimate a dark tint. Apparently, it’s simply impossible that regular Russian servicemen would want to go to Syria and to combat terrorism – at Assad’s request – and to defend Russia’s interests at the same time. No, Putin is “hated by everyone in Russia” and, “like Stalin”, he herds people at gunpoint to “fight for his oligarch interests abroad”. And since Russians “want Putin to be overthrown by… say… Navalny”, only cold-blooded PMCs will do this task! Of course! But wait… where is the proof of these allegations? Ah, there is none… as per usual.

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According to the MSM, the only foreign force that is legitimately in Syria is the “US-led coalition”. But, of course, this nonsense is based on the “R2P” and chapter 7 of the U.N. charter – “Action With Respect To Threats To The Peace, Breaches Of The Peace, And Acts Of Aggression”. It is moments like this when the real nature of the UN rears its ugly head.

4. The MSM was not able to successfully synchronise the anti-Putin front and the anti-Assad front…

As is known, at any one time the West always has more than one finger in more than one pie. And before, during, and just after the 2018 Russian Presidential elections the MSM was working on all fronts to spit on VVP. But once the results of the elections became known and the international observers confirmed that there had been no violations, the MSM lost interest in this topic since there was nothing to work with. After all, it is the Russian people who determine whether Putin is legitimate or not, and not a foreign country.

So, after Putin won the elections the situation was such that the work done by the MSM to throw dirt at Russia’s campaign in Syria was essentially for nothing. The Russian people were not buying what Washington was selling them. They fairly believe that Russia is acting in Syria correctly and in the interests of the Russian State. And there is one more thing that the MSM has no answer for: if Putin is such a “war criminal” and is responsible for the “deaths of thousands of Syrians”, then it should be very simple to prosecute him at the Hague, right? But this hasn’t happened. And one doesn’t need to be a brain surgeon to understand why.

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5. The MSM failed to deal with unexpected events, such as the “vetted” Nour al-Din al-Zenki takfiri group beheading a child…

One of the most important aspects of a successful media campaign is flexibility. One must be able to account for different eventualities and hiccups and to have a plan to remedy the situation that is ready to implement when the time comes. However, the MSM even neglected these basic prerequisites, choosing instead to manage the situation on the fly. To be fair, they were let down by the true nature of the “FSA” gangs roaming around the country, whose interest in the “Syrian revolution” ended as soon as the money pool dried up. It is unlikely that the State Department told Nour al-Din al-Zenki in July of 2016 to behead a little boy on camera.

Thus, some damage control was needed: below is an example from Britain’s Channel 4, broadcasted in October, 2016:

If the MSM managed to put a band aid over a gaping wound by convincing viewers that Al-Qaeda affiliate “X” is actually very tolerant, democratic, and peaceful, then when it came to the spontaneous outbursts of jihadists about how the “Syrian Revolution” was a scam, there was only tumbleweed…

With time ticking until the battle for Idlib – the nest of the takfiri beast – begins, it is only hoped that the MSM doesn’t embarrass itself anymore than it already has done. Obviously, just admitting that there are no “moderate rebels” and that Assad never used “chemical weapons” on his own people is out of the question, because it will flush the “regime change” blueprint down the toilet forever. What will the MSM say about Idlib? How many “last hospitals” or “Banas” will arrive like pop-up pirates? And most importantly, where will any examples of “moderate rebels” be found? Or will the US/EU/UK reactivate ISIS near Deir Ezzor to distract attention? Time will tell, but history tends to repeat itself.

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