Why the US Congress “Suddenly Noticed” Nazism in Ukraine

By Ollie Richardson

On April 25th the American political circle made a decision that ultimately was predictable. More than 50 US Congress members appealed to the US State Department with a letter expressing their concern over the growth of “anti-Semitism” in Europe, especially in Poland and Ukraine. The corresponding appeal was published on the website of the House of Representatives member Ro Khanna (his parents are Punjabi immigrants from India – why did they leave?).

Combat Anti-Semitism Letter

The members of Congress urged the State Department to join them and human rights organisations “in standing against anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and all forms of intolerance by calling for the Polish and Ukrainian governments to unequivocally reject Holocaust distortion and the honoring of Nazi collaborators and fully prosecute anti-Semitic crimes. We also ask what steps are being taken by the United States government to monitor instances of Holocaust distortion and ensure that the U.S. is not supporting or funding groups and individuals that promote or justify anti-Semitism. We believe these steps must include a firm request that these offensive laws be repealed”.

Now at face value this move sounds fantastic! They denounced Banderism in Ukraine and highlighted the severity of the situation in general concerning the revival of Nazism in Europe – what’s not to love?! However, it is only at face value that this opinion may seem to correspond to reality. Beneath the surface is the usual deviant tentacles of the American colour revolution machine.

Ukraine’s most professional history distorter Vladimir Vyatrovich, whose task – assigned by Washington – is to convince Ukrainians that they were never a part of the Russian nation, was outraged by the statement made by members of the US Congress, and said:

“It’s strange that such a large number of respected American politicians put their signature under such a document.”

“When they call out as an example of glorifying collaborators the name of Stepan Bandera, a prisoner of the Sachsenhausen Nazi camp, or Roman Shukhevych, who in 1943 got to the helm of one of the largest anti-Nazi resistance movements in Europe, occupied by the Third Reich, this only shows, to say the least, poor knowledge of the matter on the part of the people who put their signature.”

“As an example of our pro-Nazi or collaboration propaganda, our information campaign was named, dedicated to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army [UPA]. The campaign included two exhibits ‘UPA: the Response of the Unconquered Nation,’ with one of them precisely telling about the massive anti-Nazi struggle of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. One of the stands at the exhibit, in particular, told about Jews who fought Nazism in UPA ranks, and then fought Communism, too”.

Of course, the words uttered by Mr Vyatrovich are simply a pack of lies: OUN-UPA never fought against the Nazis. However, the one thing that he is correct about is that the move made by US Congress members is “a mix of incompetence and deliberate distortion of information”. Why?

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1. OUN-UPA was in bed with the CIA…

It is already known that OUN-UPA was working alongside the German Abwehr, but that is not all. On January 18th CNN reported that the CIA had declassified nearly 12 million pages of documents that outline the CIA’s activities since the time of its creation over 70 years ago. From these documents it follows that even though the CIA classified Bandera’s organisation as “terrorists”, this didn’t stop the American intelligence agency from getting into bed with them (well, well, well, this is a familiar story, isn’t it?).

The documents don’t mention the exact numbers in terms of funding for OUN-UPA, but they do show that there was collaboration after WW2 with the CIA all the same. The declassified documents also include information about what is called Project Aerodynamic – more commonly known as “Operation Gladio” – i.e., covert support for Nazi assets in Europe. 
Now factor in the West’s support for Hitler’s rise to power, and suddenly the letter written by the US Congress members starts to look like a mockery. 

2. America is the main culprit for today’s collapse of Ukraine…

Most observers of geopolitics who haven’t had their brains washed by the mainstream media are aware of what really happened in 2013/2014 in Ukraine and why. In fact, the events that happened during this period of time already had their precursors at the turn of the century during Kuchma’s reign. And what a surprise – America was also involved in interference vis-a-vis Ukrainian politics at that time too – instead of Yanukovych being removed from power, Kuchma was the target! Thus, it isn’t quite clear why on social media such comments as “America finally noticed Nazism in Ukraine!” are now commonplace. Is it really to be believed that since the end of WW2 America simply didn’t notice the SS’ journey into Ukraine in the same way Washington intelligence “didn’t notice” a convoy of ISIS Toyotas head towards Mosul in 2011? And even more so – that Washington didn’t notice the contemporary rise of Nazism/Banderism in Ukraine to the level of a State ideology? And what about the coincidence of timing – at a time when the US wants to create an anti-corruption court in Ukraine to complement NABU and when Kolomoisky is launching proverbial artillery shells at Poroshenko every other day – everything is incidental? Did America really not understand the consequences of their coup d’etat in Kiev? In summary, no, no, and no. The same members of US Congress who acted in unison to remove Yanukovych are now pulling the wool over people’s eyes with their little postcard about the evils of the very thing they helped create!

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3. On the topic of Holocausts – the US Congress seems to be silent about Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, etc…

One question to ask any of the 50 or so members of Congress is why the double standard? Apparently they are against “anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and all forms of intolerance”, but why the silence about the other war crimes that happened during WW2 under the star-spangled banner? Is there a difference? The Japanese, Germans, or even the French living in Normandy who were subjected to the “might” of Anglo-Saxon aviation did not suffer in the same way? Oh, but the US Congress likes to talk about all the allegedly “bad” things that the USSR did. After all, they can never forgive the Red Army for liberating Europe from Nazi Germany. Why doesn’t the US Congress condemn this now well-known photo?
In conclusion: the real reason why America “suddenly noticed Nazism in Ukraine” is because they are afraid that the Banderist project that they gave additional impetus to in 2014 might spiral out of control – mainly: guerilla-type clashes with Poles. In fact, if the West continues to inject more nourishment into Banderism it’s not sure that Britain will be leaving the EU because of economic disparity. Thus, now American politicians are speaking out against the very thing they helped create (like ISIS) because the time has come to abandon the briefcase without a handle known as Petro Poroshenko, who fervently tries to drag the nationalist sector of Ukrainian society onto his side to guarantee for himself a second presidential term whilst simultaneously looting all IMF/World Bank/EU credits (hence the insistence of the West to create an “anti-corruption court”). It is a tried and tested method – create a monster, and then flush it down the toilet when the kitchen becomes too hot (more and more people discover the truth). If America is afraid of the results of its own experiment, then one can rest assured that this project is truly horrific. 

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