Why the US Is So Afraid of Russian Missiles

In Russia, a lot of funds and resources have always been allocated for the creation of weapons and various military technologies, but over the past few years the amount of these funds has simply increased several times.

But perhaps most of the funds go to creating new powerful missiles that can achieve hypersonic speeds, and perhaps even faster.

That’s probably why Russia is now in first place in terms of powerful missiles, leaving all competitors behind.

Now we know about three of our missile systems: Zirkon, Kinzhal, and Avangard, which are quite different from each other because they have completely different goals and tasks.

After this information was made publicly available, many began to assume what characteristics could be possessed by missiles, and the United States was immediately nervous because, as it turned out, they simply do not have worthy air defences that can shoot down Russian missiles.

It is assumed that the speed that the missiles could reach was about 7,000 km/h, but the tests showed a slightly different result, namely 12,000 km/h. The US was not very happy even with the estimated speed, and it turned out that it was actually almost twofold their estimations.

But the most interesting thing is that the very famous military expert Yakov Kedmi is sure that Zirkon and other systems are not the most terrifying that Russia has, and now he is sure that there are more powerful developments in our country, but they are strictly classified and it is unlikely that in the near future we will learn about them.

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Therefore, it can be said that the Americans need to fear not Zirkon or such systems at all, but what Russia has in secret, because if already now their air defences can do nothing against our missiles, then what will happen in the future?

Zen Yandex, Oborona

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