Why the Wheat Fields Between Kherson and Nikolaev Are Being Set on Fire

NEW – August 4, 2022

Between Kherson and Nikolaev, fields with cereals ready for harvesting were littered with unexploded shells and missiles. Some pro-Bandera-minded agrobarons agitated the villagers to burn this bread so that the shells lying in the fields would detonate, thereby facilitating the way for the Ukrainian troops to attack Kherson.

That’s it: they are calling not to mine, but to burn! However, it is not a fact that there will be a UAF offensive, but in the case of the arson of bread there definitely won’t be one.

In turn, the Minister of Agriculture of the Kherson region Aleksey Kovalev said that there are already statistics of losses of the grain harvest.

“About 100 hectares were burned by the UAF, another 5-7% cannot be taken away, the Russian military does not allow it. There are two reasons: the proximity to the shelled territory or the fields are littered with unexploded shells and missiles. This was the answer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to their taxpayers, from whose earnings they collected military tax for 8 years.

The civil-military administration of the Kherson region has developed a mechanism for compensating farmers for the uncollected harvest. We need farmers not to leave, but to remain to cultivate their land, grow bread,” Kovalev said.

According to him, “the first train of 20 wagons, a total of 1,320 tons of grain, left the Kherson region yesterday, for which farmers will receive from 11,000 to 14,000 rubles, depending on the grain class.”

“Next week, the first vehicle with a refrigerator will be sent to Moscow. The rain has washed away the roads, the first batch will be from greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers, the next one will be from the field,” the official said.

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Gennady Shelestenko

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