Why Weren’t Native Americans Involved in the Riots?

In the US, the disco of disobedience continues. The self-styled “republic” in Seattle is alternately shrouded in the smoke of fires, then gunpowder smoke, then very specific smoke from marijuana, which the “progressive forces” consume on an industrial scale. And who didn’t find a place there – anarchists, leftists, LGBT, and plain loafers. But, oddly enough, the the indigenous peoples of North America, who truly suffered from the democratic American system, turned out to be completely unnecessary for the riot. How so?

In fact, who just now has not ascended to the information Olympus wave of protests. Black activists who were once antisocial unemployed with a criminal background, and LGBT citizens. Aggressive feminists and green environmentalists, however, without education. Liberals and fighters for the wholesale legalisation of drugs. For all these professional political outsiders, there was a place for them at the celebration of mass riots and the demolition of monuments. But there is no way that American Indians can ride this movement.

It would seem that for those who still live on reservations, in this openly racist echo of old times, it would be extremely easy to join mass protests. But nothing has been heard of the Indians. Why not? After all, their starting positions for starting protests, as cynical as it sounds, are just perfect. They are victims of a well-proven genocide, and they still live in some gray area of the United States.

Over the years of fighting for the return of their ancestral lands, they have formed several organisations that have a much greater right to claim the status of political parties than the notorious BLM, which was built on the knee of old Soros. Starting with the legitimate National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and ending with the radical extremist American Indian Movement.

And in 2007, native American activists, in particular Russell Means, announced the creation of the Lakota Republic (an association of the reservations of North Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming). Of course, this state is purely virtual, but there are also quite practical initiatives. Thus, the activists of the republic built a new school, where education is brought to a fundamentally different national level and takes place in the Lakota language with the study of the traditions and culture of the native people. They also plan to implement a project of large-scale construction of wind turbines, so that in the future they will not only not depend on US electricity, but also sell electricity themselves. Lakota also thought about food independence, hoping to create a network of heated greenhouses, etc.

Moreover, the Indians also have their own sacral victim. And this victim looks a lot more solid compared to the repeat offender drug addict Floyd. This is Leonard Peltier. An activist in the American Indian Movement since 1970, Leonard became a participant in the real fighting in 1975 that swept through the Indian reservations after the uprising in the infamous place of Wounded Knee in 1973. Back then, in part of the US fully-fledged fighting with trench digging, skirmishes, and other nuances of the war began.

During one of the fights, two FBI agents were killed. Peltier was charged with murder. He strongly denied his guilt, saying that the evidence against him was obtained by intimidation. For the sake of truth, it is worth noting that this practice in relation to the Indians was common at that time. As a result, Peltier was convicted and sentenced to two life sentences, which he is currently serving in the state of Pennsylvania. And who hasn’t stood up for Leonard since 1975. The European Parliament, the UN, the Dalai Lama, the governments of a number of countries, including the USSR, and even a whole squad of Hollywood Bohemians. But Leonard continues to look at the world from behind bars. During this time, he wrote a book, participated in many educational programs for native Americans, and was even nominated for a Nobel prize. However, as was stated in the film “Kin-dza-dza!” “a violinist is not needed”.

Firstly, the international financial speculator Soros and his colleagues from the US Democratic Party did not even in theory consider the Indians as participants in their holiday of disobedience because of the small number of the indigenous population. After many years of democracy, the number of Indians barely reaches 1% of the total mass. They physically can’t arrange the mass disco that covered the cities.

Secondly, despite the scale of the riots, the openly lumpen crowd, composed on the principle of “leather, honey, sour cream, nails – all in one dish”, does not and cannot have an outspoken leader with a proper level of education. The presence of a completely caricatured self-styled “President” of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Raz Simone, nicknamed Warlord, only confirms this fact. And the Indians, on the contrary, have more than enough real leaders with proper education and experience in legitimate positions.

Thirdly, according to the Hamburg account, the entire puppet power of the protesters is based on the Democrats and other forces opposed to the current President Trump pandering to their actions. The presence of small arms in a marginal crowd that does not represent any sort of organised structure does not mean that it is in any way able to resist trained security forces, who also do not need to motivate themselves by using drugs. But the Indians have experience in forming more or less efficient units. And citizens who complete on the wave of protests quite mercantile tasks in the fight for power, do not want, in principle, to release this genie from the bottle because perhaps they will not be able to control the rebellious redskins later.

Fourthly, indigenous activists are actually alien to the old man Soros’ gang. This gang of outspoken globalists with maniacal inadequate ideas, starting with the legalisation of drugs and rampant privileges for LGBT people, live only in stereotypes, are poorly educated, so they sequentially bring down monuments in honour of everyone, and are not viable without a financial needle from the outside. Global financial corporations don’t need people with a cultural or historical background at all. Citizens who live solely on gastric needs without a fundamental knowledge of history are the perfect plasticine for tools like BLM. Native Americans, on the other hand, are in favour of access to education, development of national culture, increasing the quality of medical care, and so on. All of this does not fall within the framework of educating a narrow-minded, plastic, and aggressive crowd with its completely amorphous demands.

Sergey Monastyrov

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