Why Would Putin Need Palaces?

Several years ago there was a noisy “investigation” (possibly of Navalny) in the media that Putin has about 100 palaces of various sizes throughout the country. I still couldn’t understand why even a rich and famous person would need so many palaces. Well, if you do absolutely nothing and you have a huge pile of money, then you can have time to go around these palaces in 2-3 years, but even then – why? In any case, there will be 2-3 favourite ones and the rest you just won’t see once in your life.

And now Navalny has released another “investigation”, which tells about Putin’s 100 billion ruble palace with a casino, a dance hall, a tasting room, a hookah bar, etc., etc.

Only here in the investigation they forgot to clarify one question: why does he need this palace?

If you do not take into account the conspiracy theory about Putin’s doubles, triplets, then it is quite obvious that Putin is almost always in the Kremlin or in the Sochi residence. Well, probably a few days a year in the taiga with Shoigu, fishing or somewhere else in one of the state residences in the country.

I can hardly imagine that he is secretly brought from the Sochi residence in Gelendzhik to this palace, where he plays slot machines in the casino, smokes hookah, dances in front of the screen and drives electric cars on the track. Oh, yes, there’s also a striptease pole. Well, exactly then Putin’s palace.

It is obvious that the president of any country, and especially Russia, often has to sleep in planes on flights. Vacation? Well, maybe there is a week, but the “palace in Gelendzhik” is not a dream for the President in this situation. Moreover, as long as he is President, he already has a lot of official palaces like the Kremlin, where he is and can be completely open with all the amenities. If necessary, the Kremlin will also be equipped with a casino, a dance floor, a tasting room and a hockey field. Or maybe they are already there. Why build a separate palace with a hookah bar in front of everyone?

Of course, according to the documents, the palace does not belong to Putin, but to the businessman Aleksandr Ponomarenko, who bought it from another businessman.

The same goes for “billions in accounts”. Who needs this? Putin will not need money in Russia now for sure for the rest of his life and he doesn’t need “billions in accounts” in principle. If the plan was to escape abroad, I would still believe in the stash. And so, in the current circumstances, this is excluded, and the billions in the accounts are nonsense. His relatives, too, are already packed to the top of their heads. Well, what billions?

Okay, let’s say Putin builds palaces in order to live in them in retirement. But this is such a ridiculous theory that it doesn’t even fit in my head. First, it is difficult to imagine Putin retired in Gelendzhik. All the same, he will work in one capacity or another in Moscow.

Secondly, even if a retired Putin suddenly wants to relax somewhere, then he has a sufficient number of rich people as friends who will provide him with their “palaces” for free, and they themselves have a sufficient number in the country. There is no point in ploughing ahead and building yourself a bunch of palaces or one mega-palace for 100 billion, which of course will loom in front of everyone’s eyes like a thorn. Yes, in this, which Navalny filmed his video about, he was not mentioned even once! But all the same – “Putin’s palace”. Well, in the same way, the yacht of Abramovich or Potanin can be called “Putin’s yacht”. They just cover it with their name. And yet Usmanov has a lot of things, Rotenberg has a lot of everything – we will also write this down as Putin’s?

Navalny and the Anti-corruption Foundation conclude that the complex is connected with the head of state on the basis of the fact that state-owned companies and businessmen familiar with Putin participated in the financing of the construction.

By the way, do you know what’s in these photos?

This is the Konstantinovsky Palace, the residence of Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg. And he can live here quite officially as long as he wants. And there will be no media buzz. Believe me, when he is not even President, he will be able to use such residences all over the country as long as he wants and then some. No need to build a separate palace for this.

Well, quite a crazy theory with Putin’s palaces. Don’t you agree?


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