Widow of Murdered Khabarovsk Entrepreneur Spoke Out Against Furgal’s Threats

In recent days, the press has been actively discussing the arrest of the Governor of the Khabarovsk territory, Sergey Furgal. He is accused of organising the murders of entrepreneurs. More details are being added every day. The wife of one of the murdered businessmen spoke about how she had been seeking justice for several years.

The widow of the murdered Khabarovsk entrepreneur Evgeny Zorya said that her husband was dealt with after he refused to sell his business to Sergey Furgal. According to her, the investigation almost immediately solved the case, but as soon as the Khabarovsk Governor and his business partner Nikolay Mistryukov started to appear in it, pressure started to be exerted on the witnesses. In the end, the investigator was replaced, and the crime was hushed up.

Larisa Zorya stressed that her husband Evgeny purchased the company “ZHBI-2”. At the same time, he crossed the railway deadlock that Furgal had previously used.

“They came to us when they found out that the railway deadlock now belongs to us, and said they wanted us to sell it to them. But since we bought the entire plant and the railway deadlock was an integral part of the business, we couldn’t do it,” the woman explained.

She also said that for 15 years she sought justice and was forced to leave Khabarovsk. In recent years, she has lived in Canada. Last year, when Furgal’s business partner Nikolay Mistryukov was detained, she flew to Moscow to give evidence.

According to the widow of the murdered businessman, she plans to return to her hometown. She wasn’t surprised by Furgal’s arrest. The woman urged the public not to believe the defenders of the Khabarovsk Governor: “People, you were deceived. Furgal is a criminal and a murderer, and my husband could have been any one of you.”

Fedor Verbytsky

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