WikiLeaks: Macron Is One of the Organizers of the Coup in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The President of France Emmanuel Macron participated in the organization of the coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2013—2014. This was reported by journalists of the Ukrainian oppositional edition “Golos Pravdy” with reference to the documents distributed by representatives of the WikiLeaks organization.

In the documents a number of European structures that gave active support for the coup are named.

Detailed correspondence of the headquarters of Emmanuel Macron with Quentin Guillemain, the president of the NPO “Cosmopolitan Project Foundation”, the activist of the “Socialist party” and Euromaidan (Paris) is included in the documents. In December 2013 he wrote (directly on the eve of the “hot” events) in Ukraine:

“Dear friends, at last, we in Kiev! You can follow the events on”

To which Macron’s people answer him:

“Excellent work, guys!”

Mao Peninou, the deputy mayor of Paris, also actively participates in the correspondence:

“I thank you for information and for the report of the position – ours and all who trust in the democratic and in the solidary future of Europe, including in Kiev”.

In other correspondence the course of the Kiev events is discussed, including the arrival of the EU High Representative for foreign affairs Catherine Ashton (as a reminder, from her conversation with the Foreign Minister of Estonia information about the communication of snipers on the Maidan with oppositionists emerged). In parallel Guillemain appeals to Martin Schulz to check the situation on his end and sends everything to Macron’s headquarters.

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Schultz’s representative answered with literally the following:

“I can confirm that President Schultz pays special attention to the situation in this country and monitors civil mobilization and pro-European forces, which were activated in Kiev and some cities of the province. This interest isn’t new”.

Besides this, according to the representative, with the assistance of Schultz the monitoring mission of the European Parliament led by Cox and Kwaśniewski has been organized. Already on June 7th, 2014, after Poroshenko’s inauguration, Aleksander Kwaśniewski declared the successful completion of the mission.

And in May, 2014, on the eve of elections in Ukraine after the coup, Mr. Guillemain writes:

“I think that we shouldn’t and can’t remain without reacting. For sure we will face another April 21st on this May 25th before elections, which, of course, aren’t presidential ones, but nevertheless concern the main issue that we have always defended. Ideas? Propositions? We must be prepared to react if such a thing arrives. Not to react in such a situation would be the worse thing that can happen, in my opinion”.

In reply the headquarters suggests to publish an appeal to the French youth for informational support for organizing a meeting in Paris on this subject.

By the way, a year later the same Guillemain appealed to the headquarters with a request to support the campaign for the release of the female-pilot Nadiya Savchenko.

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