Will a Complaint to the UN Stop the Activity of 15 American Biolabs in Ukraine?

Experts believe that the US biolabs located in Ukraine pose a danger not only directly to Ukraine, but also to the countries bordering it, especially Russia. Moreover, it cannot be denied that the coronavirus epidemic may be linked to the activities of these laboratories.

Deputies from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” faction of the Ukrainian Rada Viktor Medvedchuk and Renat Kuzmin filed a complaint with the United Nations about the illegal operation of American biolabs in Ukraine. It claims that American military biologists are working to create bacteriological weapons, taking advantage of Kiev’s lack of control and being protected by diplomatic immunity. At the same time, the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine confirmed to the Ukrainian media the presence of 8 laboratories in the country, built with the assistance of an agency under the control of the Pentagon. According to some sources, there are more than 15 such laboratories in Ukraine.

Publicist Rostislav Ishchenko explained that the key desire of the US is to remove the threat from its own territory, and given that there is a country that agrees to accept such laboratories and not ask unnecessary questions, the solution becomes obvious.

“In the position of Medvedchuk, which I consider to be correct, there is one troublesome point. He claims that all these laboratories are outside the control of the Ukrainian state, that they are extraterritorial and no one knows what is really going on there. But he himself claims that military research is under way there. How does he know then? In a law-abiding state, guilt needs to be proven. Of course, the presence of non-controlled laboratories on the territory of Ukraine is bad first and foremost for Ukraine itself, but why did it agree to it? The Americans, if they try to put pressure on them, will say that they did nothing wrong. The outbreaks of epidemics that have swept through Ukraine in recent years formally do not belong to these laboratories. Moreover, the state of medicine in Ukraine is such that without them everything is in ‘full order’ with various diseases,” said the expert.

Deputy of the State Duma Evgeny Fedorov believes that the situation itself is very dangerous. One of the reasons for the emergence of biolabs, in his opinion, is the creation of biological weapons, via which the US spreads the coronavirus epidemic in Russia.

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“Do not forget that the United States withdrew from the biological non-proliferation treaty, which our Security Council announced a couple of years ago. Among other things, it was mentioned that biological weapons are being prepared in laboratories on the borders of Russia in Georgia and Ukraine, and that up to 200 such laboratories are operating. It is possible that the current quarantine and pandemic are related to the activities of these laboratories. It is necessary to find out exactly whether the epidemic is a type of biological weapon or not. And if is, I believe that Russia has the right to launch missile attacks against American laboratories in the neighbouring territories of other countries,” said Evgeny Fedorov.

Military expert Konstantin Sivkov believes that the main reason for the construction of these laboratories on the territory of Ukraine is the legislation extremely loyal to Western corporations.

“In these laboratories they carry out a variety of studies, including on living people. This is not possible anywhere except in Ukraine, where biomaterials are constantly disappearing somewhere, people are disappearing somewhere, very regularly, by the way, and no one is digging into it, this is very convenient for the Americans,” said the expert. “It is necessary to understand that the US is the fiercest enemy of Russia, and thus they are at war with us. Ukraine does not need this, of course, but the criminal cabal that today runs Ukraine needs it, taking advantage of the fact that the Ukrainian people are ill. If Ukrainians were healthy, they would have shot these occupiers long ago, crushed them with tanks, judged them like how the SS was judged. But instead Ukrainians show political negligence and quietly go to slaughter.”

It is worth noting that the current Ukrainian government is unlikely to be able to influence the activities of these centers, as it is financially dependent on the countries of the West. Any leader who tries to close them will immediately lose financial support and lose power before the laboratories close, as has already been the case in Ukraine’s recent history.

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Nikita Yurchenko

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