Will John McCain Receive Political Asylum in Ukraine?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



By Yury Selivanov

US Senator John McCain in the campaign with several of his own kind of “hawks” made a pre-new year’s trip to the advanced trenches of the Eastern front – from the Baltics to Eastern Ukraine. So, as is customary, to encourage and reassure those who are sitting there.

Somehow this voyage reminded me of similar visits to the same Eastern front by the main Nazi leaders – Himmler and Goering in early 1945, when they tried to convince their desperate soldiers that very soon a miracle will happen, and the “thousand-year Reich” will overcome the “Mongol-Bolshevik hordes”. No miracle happened and the Nazi “supermen” after a few months all together dragged their paws up the hill and reluctantly mumbled “Hitler kaput!”

The current adventures of McCain and his associates in the trenches by the level of its “historical optimism” is akin to that of the Nazis. And his boastful assurances in 2017 to terminate the “Bolshevik hordes”, sorry – “Russian aggression”, looks about as “convincing” as the hope of the Führer for the Nazi “wunderwaffe”. And, perhaps, even less. Hitler, at least, had trump cards at the time – things like ballistic missiles and almost- ready nuclear weapons.

The current American crazies, like McCain and his like minded associates, in twenty days will be left neither the former nor the latter. Trump will probably take away the matches from these overgrown babies. But even if he does not take them away, it is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact that today the readiness of the West to plunge headfirst into the Ukrainian crisis is much smaller, perhaps even an order of magnitude than two years ago, when everything was just beginning in Ukraine. At this time, in the West it seemed that some people thought that Russia will not offer a serious resistance, that it would be enough to slightly put pressure on her, as she’ll forget about her “Ukrainian ambitions”, and will ask for the mercy of the world’s Lord.

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However, in reality it turned out to be different. Moscow not only didn’t accept the American rebellion in Kiev, but also made every effort to make this regime maximally dysfunctional. And it must be said – she fully succeeded in it. No wonder that the Kiev media network today is moribund and exists only thanks to Western dollar injections.

But not only that! Russia landed a jaw-breaking hit on the West in the Middle East, in fact, snatched from it the most important geopolitical ally – Turkey, and established with it together with Iran, joint control over Syria! I.e. it humiliated the West in its most beloved oil-rich fiefdom.

It is precisely these “blows of fate”, which showed America her real place in a changed world, that were correctly understood by most Americans, who handed to Trump the mandate for the termination of the former hegemonic madness and the correct embedding of the USA in “this brave new world”.

Against this background, the talk of McCain about unconditional military support for the new adventures of the Kiev junta, look precisely like what they really are – irresponsible chatter of a completely defeated political loser, who tries his best to create the illusion that he is in time to board the already-deported train of history.

And now about what drives McCain and other “dirty conspirators” like him in such dangerous tours. This Senator, and not only him, has every reason to fear for his own future in the event of likely serious change of political course in the United States. Not so much because they are opposed to such changes. In the end, not even in the U.S. are people jailed for ideological disagreements. But it is completely another thing when someone is involved in clearly dirty geopolitical combinations and corruption on a national scale. McCain is known for his more than warm personal relations with the leaders of ISIS, the terrorist group that Trump earnestly, unlike Obama, believes to be one of the main enemies of the United States. And the same time, McCain, coincidentally, is one of the major political lobbyists for the construction program of the ill-fated F-35 fighter jet. For which, without any benefit for the US, already one and a half trillion dollars of the US budget was thrown at, and about which the same Trump recently said that America cannot afford it.

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In short, if to dig into these things properly, and also to add Ukraine to them, where everything is far from being clean (it is worth remembering the commercial interests of the Biden family), many of the current Washington businessmen linked to high politics will not escape sitting in a jail cell for a long time. Including McCain. And it seems that he understands this perfectly. And, one never knows, his pitiful self  will be obliged to ask Kiev for political asylum. And as the cowardly Kiev junta will not grant him this, the gifted-to-him-by- Poroshenko “Ukrainian gun” of Israeli design can become his “last chance”. From which, in an extreme case, it will be possible to shoot himself in time.

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