We Will Have to Shoot Down American Airplanes: Good News From Experts

Translated by Helga Green



The essay deals with the Report of the US Ministry of Defense in regard to tactical efficiency of the key American Army project of the last decade – Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning jet fighter. The report states not only a number of isolated faults of the new machine: their quantity has already transformed into quality, which sums up to a dramatic failure of the main project’s goal – preservation of military might of the country, based on the US indisputable technological superiority over any counterpart in the world guaranteeing the possibility of victory over any state’s army. This is called ”Silver bullet strategy” in the USA. The entire American military development and the methodology of the Armed Forces deployment have been formed on the basis of this strategy since the end of WWII. The total problem of F-35 as a foundation of the US Air Force might deprives the Army and Navy of America of the main factor of its military efficiency on the whole.

Mikhail Delyagin remarks: “The essay is interesting, as it contains the description of a specific instance of the general technological crisis caused by overly high-maintenance machinery, top-heavy structure of the global monopoly and failure of education system (due to which computer modelling at times replaces building of working metal models fraught with strikingly ludicrous results, and blowing of Elon-Musk-style financial bubbles is perceived by wide audience as the triumph of real-life technologies). The humanity has not yet reached the stalemate in this regard, but it is steadily nearing it on behalf of its technological vanguard – the West. We should not gloat on this issue, as neither Russia, nor anyone else has yet started all-inclusive development of the alternative, closing the issue technologies, and for the same reasons.

The problem viewed in the article has become even more relevant after recent developments in Syria. Immediately after American diplomacy obtained significant success, having limited military capacity of the anti-terrorist alliance of Syria, Russia and other countries, American air force pressed this success and very effectively and timely supported the terrorists from the created by the US and banned in Russia Islamic State against the legal government’s army by causing significant losses in the ranks of the latter and changing the situation on the given part of the front in favor of the terrorists.

By this the US had once more demonstrably and convincingly shown that they are fighting against the civilization on the side of the cannibals, and we would have been extremely naïve, if we expected Trump’s victory (although American establishment clearly articulated the message that this victory would at all accounts be declared the result of Russian hackers’ attack) to be able to change this fundamental peculiarity.

Thus, our confrontation with the USA has fundamental character, and, although the main battlefield will be the mental one, air force will partially preserve its significance. Respectively, in order to change the balance of power in our favor, at least on the scene, we should play for time and delay the escalation of the conflict, taking into account the enemy’s errors”.

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