Will Ukraine Remain a Neo-Nazi Dictatorship?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



…Exactly 76 years ago, in February-March, 1941, on that part of Poland occupied by the Germany of Adolf Hitler, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), according to the agreement reached with the Abwehr, started the creation of the so-called “Druzhina of Ukrainian nationalists”, for the fight on that territory of Poland that, according to the tacit partition between Germany and the USSR, was handed over by Joseph Stalin to Soviet Ukraine, and was called “Galicia”, being considered at this time as “primordial Ukrainian lands”.

The fight that the new recruits were preparing for was thought of by them as national liberation – for the independence of Ukraine. While German instructors taught the Ukrainian new recruits terrorist and mine-explosive work, shooting, skills of patrol and security activity, and also carrying out punisher cleansing of “undesirable elements”. It was quite suitable for the Germans that Poles, communists, Russians, Jews and in general everyone who supported the Soviet system were these “undesirable elements”. Hitler already had the plan “Barbarossa” in motion and for the punitive cleansing of the unreliable surviving population after the victorious blitzkrieg (Hitler sacredly believed in it) there was a need for blue-collar punishers. And it is these “Ukrainian Druzhina members” that were formed in two battalions who became these punishers. The hearing of fighters of one of these battalions found the amateur chorus “Soloveyko” (“Solovushka”) to be gratifying. And it is this battalion that received the German name “Nachtigall” (in German “nightingale”). The OUN’s Roman Shukhevych, with the rank of Hauptsturmführer (captain) of the SS, commanded this battalion. The second battalion received the name “Roland”.

“Cannon fodder” for the “Nachtigall” and “Roland” battalions was supplied by that part of OUN led by Stepan Bandera, who was released from Polish prison in connection with the destruction of the Polish state. I.e. OUN(B). Commander of the “Nachtigall” battalion Shukhevych subsequently became the commander-in-chief of the military wing of OUN(B) – the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which was bloodily snatched by Banderists from the other part of OUN under the leadership of Andrey Melnik – OUN(M).

But this isn’t even the most important thing. “Nachtigall” in vanguard of the German troops already on June 29th-30th, 1941, entered occupied-by-Germans Lvov and, without delay, arranged the bloodbath of all “undesirable”.  The number of killed Jews alone was more than 4,000. But parallel to June 30th, under the protection of “Nachtigall members”, “the act of restoration of the Ukrainian state” was read, in which OUN members swore not to show pity towards their lives in the common fight for the establishment of “a new order” under the leadership of the “Fuhrer of the German people”. The hands of these “builders of the state” were already elbow-deep in blood, and over time the blood on them became more and more. Despite the disbandment of “Nachtigall“, already in October 1941 its fighters became punishers and executioners in other sonderkommandos, and then joined the division SS “Galicia” and UPA, murdered Poles on Volyn in 1943, and fought with the Soviet partisans of Sidor Kovpak and the Red Army.

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And I started all of this conversation as many surviving “Nachtigall members” after courts and military tribunals were diligently hung on squares of Soviet cities and villages liberated from the “Fuhrer of the German people” and his henchmen. But many of them remained alive, settled in the USA, Great Britain, and Canada, becoming the “diaspora” there, and even planted their roots and had children in Ukraine. Because on February 25th, 2017, in Donbass a redoubt (I.e. an outpost) was created for the blockade of trade with the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR and called “Soloveyko”… Yes, yes, the youngest child precisely of those “Nachtigall”, which the “architect of the redoubt” People’s Deputy and hundred-commander Vladimir Tarasyuk boasted and bragged about.

Their bastion became not just a symbol of all events going on today in Donbass. History again started to echo with the same already half-forgotten times, and again started to densely smell blood. Now the “undesirable elements” subject to total destruction as the “genetic garbage of the nation” became vata“, “kolorads”, “separatists” and “terrorists” of the LPR and DPR led personally by Putin and his Buryats. And it is clear how the newly appeared “Nachtigall” of Tarasyuk will correct “genetic deviations” of the inhabitants of Donbass. And it is precisely this fact that became one more answer to those who affirm that in Ukraine there is neither neo-nazism nor neo-fascism.

Today blockaders of trade with the self-proclaimed Republics already partially achieved their objective – they already maximally aggravated the situation in Donbass, put “Minsk Agreements-2” concerning peace on the edge of failure, forced the DPR and LPR for de facto nationalization of industrial enterprises that were under Ukrainian jurisdiction and paid taxes into the Kiev treasury, and actually didn’t leave a choice to the Kiev power of the President Petro Poroshenko – either agree with the actions of Donbass and to lose it, or to wage war against it in order to once again try to turn the tide of the situation in their own favor by force. It’s a risky game, but its aim is clear – to try to provoke and involve even more deeply Russia in the conflict and upon “repulsion” to receive western money.

On Thursday, March 2nd, 2017, it became known that participants of the blockade of Donbass passed to the second part of the blockade “Ballet de la Merlaison” – they declared their intentions to block also highways. The chief of staff of the economic blockade of Donbass Sergey Akimovich stated: “After we blocked practically all railway traffic, we pass to the second stage — we start blocking highways that are used for smuggling”. According to Akimovich, they already have 4 blocks, they are mobile, temporary, because they have to be as close as possible to the line of differentiation. This is actually a direct blow to the plans of the government of Vladimir Groysman, which made a plan of trade with everything necessary for Ukraine and its transportation from Donbass precisely by highways.

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And in this situation, the behavior of the Supreme Kiev power led by Petro Poroshenko is very characteristic. Behind his behavior are hidden, absolutely different, more deep and important processes for the country. On the one hand, the authorities by all possible and already shameful ways shows the lack of readiness to use force, to land a blow on the snouts of all impudent neo-Nazi radical blockaders and to restore order. Different groups in power are not simply afraid that radicals will turn the weapon against them. The authorities also withdraw themselves from resolving the problem as, apparently, they want to gain the support of the punishers just in case. And to use them for internal strife. The Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and the representative of the firm “competing” with Poroshenko –“Popular Front” of Arseniy Yatsenyuk – could crush the punishers without any effort, and their leaders – Semen Semenchenko and the aforementioned Tarasyuk – not only to wound their leaders in the ass, but also to send them after notorious Sashko Bily. The Supreme Commander also could find exactly the same forces in the National guard or even in the army. But Poroshenko’s followers as well as Yatsenyuk’s followers wait it out: perhaps the radicals will be useful.

Avakov completely cynically recognized that he can cope with the situation, but waits for such an order will be given to him by Poroshenko. And Poroshenko, I repeat, delays. Because, on the other hand, the blockade and everything that the DPR and LPR already accomplished is favourable. Not just as the President of the country, but as an oligarch who can if not destroy, but at least considerably weaken his competitors – other oligarchs. First of all, of course, Rinat Akhmetov, and after him he finishes off Igor also Kolomoisky, Victor Pinchuk, Sergey Taruta, and others whose rank is less. The situation in Donbass is also a peculiar deoligarchisation of Ukraine, which Maidan allegedly stood for. But I repeat, it is too much peculiar: it destroys all other oligarchs, but leaves just one, the most important – the President Petro Poroshenko. Whether Ukraine will be better when the oligarchical pluralism and oligarchical consensus about the distribution of zones and spheres of influence disappears, and the undivided power of sole oligarch-President will become stronger, nobody, alas, can say. Such things till now never happened in Ukraine.

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But we have to pay tribute to Poroshenko – he skilfully used confusion in the country, as well as among external curators in order to successfully do his deals for his own pocket. Or perhaps such a line of behavior is indeed coordinated with the West, which, as is known, puts the stability and safety of their investments above all. And it is ready to be reconciled with any dictator who guarantees this stability. We mustn’t exclude that external curators purposefully strengthen Poroshenko’s power, forcing his competitors to maximally cosy up with the President. It is from here that there all these conversations about personnel shifts in power: Groysman’s dismissal and the arrival in his place of the faithful, well-vetted alcolohic – Yury Lutsenko; the dismissal from the post of the head of National Bank Valeria Gontareva and the accession of Yatsenyuk to her place; the strengthening of punitive bodies by proteges of Americans from newly appeared anti-corruption bodies like SAP or NABU or NACP. If there is a homespun truth in it, it is about the consolidation of power under the “scepter” of Poroshenko, who speaks even with Putin…

…in brief, the future will surely show whether Ukraine will be a consolidated and covert neo-Nazi dictatorship of Poroshenko-Yatsenyuk or will it be able to eliminate this political “cancer and scab”. But resistance in the name of pacification in Ukrainian society is still alive. And its felt on his own skin by the main ideologist, manipulator, and political speculator on historical perversions, the director of the Ukrainian Institute of Nazi Memory (UINM) – the miserable Vladimir Vyatrovich. Whether it’s unknown-in-masks directly on the street before a press conference striking him in the groin, and nobody searches for the culprits, or in the first day of the spring someone setting fire to the doors of his “almshouse”. “At night unknown persons set fire to the door of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory. This time they didn’t leave their “business cards,” said Vyatrovich on social networks, trying to joke. And to hint that he can’t be frightened by such actions. And that he will surely demolish the monument to Shchors, collecting what falls from under the tail of his horse and smearing it on the opinion of his fellow citizens. But there is hope that Vyatrovich will run out of time…

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