“Will Ukraine Return Donbass?”: The Honest Answer of the Head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Gennady Moskal, the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration of Ukraine on the “Gordon” program aired on 02.04.2017.


Moskal: “Ukraine needs Donbass. If we hand it over, they (Russians) will go further.”

Host: “Ukraine will return Donbass? Really? Honestly?!

Moskal: No!”

Below is the comment of News Front observer Yulia Vityazeva on Facebook concerning the words of Moskal:

“I will continue myself: Ukraine will not return Donbass, but she even doesn’t need it. She needs war. With the help of which it is possible to fill up decently private wealth, to be in the focus of the world’s attention and to keep a tight rein on the herd called the people.

What bloody truce?! What Minsk?!

All domestic and foreign policy of Ukraine can be summarised in two words: only war.”

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