With Baphomet in the Heart, With “Wolfsangel” in the Bosom…

NEW – May 29, 2022

Living and dead artefacts of Ukrainian Nazism from the dungeons of “Azov”

Having repeatedly met and talked with priests of the Russian Orthodox Church who serve on the front line and in the front-line areas of Donbass – in Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, Zaitsevo, Mariupol, I was always surprised by their stories about how the Ukrainian side with particular ferocity began shelling peaceful neighbourhoods, churches and monasteries of Donbass precisely on the most important Orthodox holidays: Easter, Christmas, Trinity…

“How so? Are they also Orthodox on the other side?” I said indignantly. But after tracing the roots and characteristics of Ukrainian Nazism, I realised – no, they are not Orthodox on the other side…

Canaris and Dulles fledglings

Let’s start with the fact that since 1944, having received from Canaris, together with the agents of the Abwehr, the entire Ukrainian nationalist underground on the territory of the USSR, the CIA made a special bet on supporting the Uniate priesthood in Western Ukraine in their eternal struggle with the Orthodox Church, that is, with Moscow.

Further more – already in the 1950s in the field charter of the US Army, in the section of psychological operations on enemy territory, there are points about direct support for fascist parties (as opposed to communist ones) and any sects on enemy territory.

Both of them in Ukraine are blooming in the most poisonous colour after the collapse of the USSR – with torches and swastikas in a single formation, the not-finished-off are marching: grandfathers from the “Galicia” division and the SS punitive battalions and their grandchildren. With tambourines and timbrels, both exotic Eastern sectarians and local neo-pagans in embroidery and swastikas jump around. Note how well pagan runes and Nazi swastikas, embroidery patterns and SS symbols, the “wolf hook” of the “Azov” terrorist fascist organisation and the “wolfsangel” of the SS fit together and combine.

“Kill Russian swine!”

Recently, during the shameful “evacuation” of the nazis from “Azovstal“, it was possible to see in more detail the ornaments on the bodies of untermensch (and this is what the legislators of runic fashion from the SS called the ancestors of today’s Ukrainians and other Slavs). The first and most famous rune, the brand name of “Azov” – “wolf hook”, in German – wolfsangel. Originally from the German-Scandinavian pagan symbols, it meant a lot of things (defence and attack, man-wolf – werewolf, etc.), as well as the SS brand rune “sig” in the form of two lightning bolts – the sign of Wotan\Odin, the thunderer. In the Slavic version – Perun. And although the Ukrainian nazis received it entirely from the “anti-Slavic” SS divisions (such as Das Reich, etc.), they reinterpreted it in a Rodnovery spirit, and they also jumped around in front of the idol of Perun in Yuryevka (near Mariupol). The question of specific human sacrifices, I think, will become known in the very near future, and the world will shudder at the details. But definitely – the burning of people in Odessa was the first conscious sacrifice of Ukrainian satanists and neo-pagans. They also reinterpreted the “wolf hook” as I (idea) N (nation).

“In the idea, the nation is strong”

The second tattoo – almost on all of them – the “black sun” (solar swastika), used by neo-nazis in Germany and around the world after the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 and the ban on its symbols. It is characteristic that in addition to the executioners and thugs of “Azov”, it is worn by many other degenerates, for example, the “shooter” from Buffalo, who recently killed 10 people in the United States.

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The third – also on very many “Azov” militants – is the image of a goat-headed Baphomet. There is no longer any neo-paganism here – outright Satanism and devil worship. And there are also pagan runes nearby.

All of this had to be thoroughly mixed and cultivated for decades to see how one of the once flourishing republics of the USSR was rapidly plunging into an underground kingdom ruled by ancient monsters from Ukrainian folk beliefs: Viy, ghouls, witches from Bald Mountain and Gogol’s Pannochka in a flying coffin. Among these otherworldly monsters are already the heroes of the “new Ukraine” – gauleiters of the Ukrainian segment of hell: Mazepa and Petliura, Konovalets and Bandera, they were supposed to be joined by the heroes of the “underground hundred” from the dungeons of “Azovstal”, but the spirit was not enough, and Sudoplatov wasn’t around…

Maidan 2014 has already clearly shown where Ukraine is sinking, it was clearly written: “Call out the God of revolution!”. And this God is clearly not Christ. All these characters (already dead and still alive) dragged Ukraine and continue to drag it to their hell. Most foreign mercenaries, according to the expert Y. Y. Vorobyevsky, are recruited to Ukraine on neo-pagan and openly satanic websites. They clearly know who they are going to fight. Therefore, one of the goals of Russia’s special military operation should be clearly understood: “For Faith!”.

One of the now” underground twin cities ” of Himmler and Bandera, the American ideologist Zbigniew Brzezinski, clearly said in the mid-90s:”Our main goal after the fall of communism in Russia is Russian Orthodoxy.” Vladimir Pastukhov, a native of Kiev and a resident of London, wrote the same thing in Novaya Gazeta just a week after the start of the SVO: “our main goal is the declericalization of Russia”, that is, depriving the Church of influence on society…

Idol of Perun on the “Azov” base near Mariupol

Now it is clear why the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the nationalist battalions are targeting churches and parish buildings, hunting priests via drones, and the SBU and CIA are arranging schism after schism among the Ukrainian flock, closing parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church [Moscow Patriarchate – SZ] throughout Ukraine (over the past year, more than 100 churches were taken away from believers). They carry out a long-standing directive of London and Washington, in the crosshairs: Russian Orthodoxy.

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I hope that both the General Staff and the Presidential Administration understand this. There is a civilisational war going on – it will not be possible to reach an agreement here.

Should we wait for a “Maidan of the dead”?

“Bury the dead.”

Irwin Shaw

Terrible finds at “Azovstal”, as expected, continue to come to light. After the usual artefacts of Ukrainian nazism – the living, with neo-nazi and Satanic tattoos, came the turn of the dead. Already, over 300 bodies (or what’s left of them) have been recovered from the dungeons of death. Many of them had lain there for more than two months. There is information that among the dead are not only punishers from the “Azov” regiment, but also workers of the “Azovstal” plant shot by the nazis, as well as other hostages. What really happened there – the investigation will find out. We will learn the details, no matter how terrible they may be – at the tribunal of the nazis, which the DPR authorities promised to hold before the end of the summer.

But one thing is already clear: most of the bodies left by the Kiev regime in the “Azovstal” dungeons belong to the Ukrainian military. And this shows only one thing – the attitude of the Ukrainian authorities, the attitude of the army command and Ukrainian society as a whole to their “defenders”. That’s what they officially call them.

I did not mention society, because any normal European society, having learned such blatant facts, would have demolished the current government in no time. Because here, in addition to the sacrilegious attitude towards their own dead – the criminal authorities ‘contempt for their people as a whole is clearly expressed: for the families of soldiers, for their “fraternal brothers” in the army (because they make it clear to all Ukrainian military personnel: they will kill you, you will rot like a dog under a fence, in a filled-in dugout, in an open field, in another underground bunker).

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And this attitude of the Ukrainian side from the very beginning of the special military operation strikes our fighters in all sectors of the front – both near Kharkov and in the Izyum direction. Now the truth has been revealed at “Azovstal” as well.

Is it by chance that “Azov” militants have such an attitude towards UAF troops and their own “fraternal brothers”? Or is this their real ideology? After all, even before the beginning of the special military operation, there were known cases of the “demonstrative taking of icons and bibles from the population of Donbass by the ‘Azov’ militants with their subsequent burning, accompanied by brutal beatings” – including the beating of priests of the Mariupol Sobor with rifle butts. According to expert Igor Druz, “Azov” in this regard resemble another bloody project of the American intelligence agencies: “Haitian ‘Tonton Macoute’ – squads of rioters-occultists, once created by the pro-American dictator Duvalier Sr. ‘Tonton Macoute’ professed a satanic voodoo cult, practicing ritual murder, just like ‘Azov’. This structure was recruited from the lumpen Black youth, opening up the prospects of their rise from the social bottom, and they were given the authority to torture and kill. Just like ‘Azov’, they received an informal right to racket businessmen ‘for public needs’. The number of people killed by ‘Tonton Macoute’ from 1958 to 1986 was up to 60,000, which is a huge number for such a small country.”

Hence the characteristic attitude towards the dead in the “Azovstal” dungeons, because a mix of the bloody cults of Voodoo, Perun and Baphomet allows for everything in relation to the dead, including cannibalism.

This is not to mention the banal theft of the “dead money” given to the families of the victims.

Russian soldiers bury the abandoned corpses of Ukrainian troops: “An unknown soldier of the UAF is buried here. ‘Treat your enemy the way you want him to treat you.’ May he rest in peace. 11.05.2022”

So it turns out that the Ukrainian military today has only one hope – that their former enemies will bury them. Because even in war, Russians remain Russians, that is, they are Christ’s: for the one who lets go of the weapon from their hands – whether they are alive or dead – the war is over. And that means that it’s necessary to deal with them humanly – with the living or with the dead. Not to mention the wounded. That’s what our warriors do.

But “fraternal brothers” (still alive) and the families of the victims should think hard about whether it is worth fighting and supporting authorities that despise you so much – whether you are alive or dead?

Aleksey Shorokhov

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