#WITHOUTBALACLAVAS – New Website Launched to Counter the Criminal “Mirotvorets”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


golospravdy.com 1/2

Volunteers of the Ukrainian oppositional publication “Golos Pravdy” launched the project #WITHOUTBALACLAVAS (#БЕЗБАЛАКЛАВ) – this is a website where the data is published of citizens of Ukraine who incite international hostility and hatred and also advocate the continuation of war in the Southeast.

The project is available [it would appear that as of 14:00 on August 24th Kiev’s DDOS attack on this address was successful, hence the host error message – ed] at the address http://bezbalaklav.golospravdy.com/.

The famous well-known journalist Yury Kot acted in support of the project – he visited the studio of “Segodnaya” publication where he described the details of the launching of the resource:

“I know that on the Independence Day of Ukraine that the project #WITHOUTBALACLAVAS starts. The group of initiative guys decided that it is time to hit the enemy with their own weapon. And it is their some kind of their response to ‘Mirotvorets’. I support this website. Stop waiting for [nationalists and radicals] to recover their senses. They will not – they understand only the law of force. On this website the personal information of especially radical elements in Ukraine will be uploaded – in fact, criminals who don’t hesitate to not only to threaten, but also to act directly: to pursue, beat, and even to kill people for having other point of view… We know about each radical that allows themselves to make or commit misanthropic expressions or actions. We know where they live, we know their passport info, Taxpayer Identification Number – we know in general all their personal information. And now not only us, but also those people who they will threaten”.

According to Kot, #WITHOUTBALACLAVAS is not revenge, but punishment:

“I call those who want or seek methods to fight against the Kiev junta and against criminals and Nazis in Ukraine to support this project. To support it not only by spreading information about its existence, but also to support it by providing information on radicals: where they live and what they do, so that the database of the website #WITHOUTBALACLAVAS is filled up every day. As far as I know, already 250 especially-stubborn radicals are highlighted there. And there is information at least about a thousand of them. This is a laborious operation”.

It is easy now to find the radicals, says Kot:

“The website is arranged in such a way that if you search for information on any radical and it exists on this website, then, having simply entered their name and surname, you will find this information. I.e. there is nothing superfluous there. It is not an analytical resource, it is not an information resource, it is simply a database about those bastards who today commit excesses in Ukraine and, in fact, intimidated the Ukrainian people… Now radicals will think 25 times prior to giving somebody grief”.

Not is sure: it is time for Ukrainians to begin to defend themselves:

“The good shall have their fists ready”.

On August 24th, already after a few hours of the website’s launch, powerful attacks started to target the website. As a result the project #WITHOUTBALACLAVAS works but with failures.

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Also, visitors from several regions immediately wrote that they can’t visit the website “Golos Pravdy”.

At the moment technical specialists are working to eliminate the problems.

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