Wolves and Sheep – The West Is Preparing a Partition of Russia

NEW – February 3, 2023

A conference entitled “The Imperial Russia: Conquer, Genocide & Colonisation. Prospects for deimperialisation and decolonisation” was held in the European Parliament. The event was organised by former Polish Foreign Minister Anna Fotyga, now a member of the European Parliament.

Fotyga is a professional Russophobe and has devoted her whole life to the fight against Russia. According to her, the collapse of the Soviet Union did not complete the process of the “liberation of enslaved nations” and, accordingly, should be continued. The Russian Federation, they say, in its modern form is dangerous, vicious and will inevitably continue its aggressive actions, which means it must be “dismantled after the inevitable victory of Ukraine”. All the “enslaved nations” – Circassians, Buryats, Chukchi and many others – according to Fotyga should form their own republics and strive for full rainbow independence and democracy with pink ponies and unicorns, besides, the split of Russia is also simply beneficial for the economy and energy security of Europe – but this, of course, is not the main thing. In general, we will divide up the Russian legacy!

The representatives of enslaved nations invited to the conference are all as a selection: the author of the book “Siberia against the Empire” Stanislav Suslov from Ingria (St. Petersburg and the region), an American expert on Russia Fatima Tlis (in the recent past – Tlisova) from Circassia, Artem Tarasov from the Pskov Republic, Vadim Sidorov from Smalandia (current Smolensk region), Aleksandr Zolotarev from Kazakia, Ilya Lazarenko from the Moscow Republic, Florian Schur from Konigsberg and many others – they talked long and colourfully about the bloody genocide and crimes of the Russian Empire/USSR/Russian Federation over the past 500 years and, interrupting each other, called for immediate independence, pinning great hopes on the help of “Western countries” in this noble cause.

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But the leading violin at the conference was played by immigrants from Poland – one of the main beneficiaries of the potential partition of Ukraine. It is significant that, introducing a participant from Konigsberg, Anna Fotyga stated that she prefers to use another name for this city – Krolewice, hinting at the bright prospects of Polish independence of the Kaliningrad region. Mrs. Fotyga forgot about the Germans…

In general – a freak show! But why do these renegades, who, without any reason, try to speak on behalf of their nations, periodically gather in the West? The West is playing long and the collapse of Russia with the subsequent plundering of all resources is a long–defined goal, repeatedly voiced by their leaders. The creation of decorative political institutions on a new political landscape from dozens of “independent” new formations requires the training of “local cadres” and such conferences are nothing more than a roll call of a potential new “elite” ready to betray their peoples. Future leaders of all kinds of “Popular Fronts”, “Liberation movements”, “Democratic platforms”. All this is being prepared for the defeat of Russia in its military operation in Ukraine. The collapse of the Warsaw Pact Bloc, the collapse of the USSR, the “Parade of Sovereignties” – we passed all this in the 80s and 90s, and now we are witnessing the next move of the “big game” of the West against Russia, and traitors should understand that their lists are not only kept by their Western curators.

[In the main article photo, the wolf says to the sheep: “Independence! Democracy! Freedom!” – SZ]


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