Woman Killed by Ukrainian Shelling in the Kalininsky District of Donetsk

NEW – June 9, 2022

As a result of the shelling of Donetsk by the Ukrainian military, a woman was killed.

Today, the UAF fired at Krasnoflotskaya Street and the Kalininsky district. The fire was apparently conducted from 155-mm howitzers — at least 9 shells were recorded. As a result, a young woman died near the Pokrovsky Church of Donetsk.

The picture above shows the same young woman who died as a result of the shelling. The man who leaned towards her could not contain his emotions.

A shell also hit a five-story building. The tenants of the apartment, fortunately, were not at home. The shell flew into a children’s bedroom, broke through two more walls. This apartment is littered with debris. The lodger, according to neighbours, left Donetsk, fleeing from the shelling.

Video showing the inside of the apartment
Video of a neighbour’s reaction

“I didn’t even have time to be scared,” their neighbour told the “Donbass Decides” channel.

The residents of the Kalininsky district survived the third shelling in a week. Yuliya, a resident of a house on Ilyich Avenue, where the shell landed, described what happened.

“Before that, there were attacks only in 2014, and so our area was considered calm,” she said.

During the shelling, Yuliya was walking with her dog, in order to survive under the fire of the Ukrainian military, she had to fall to the ground.

More videos from the scene of Banderist Ukraine’s latest war crime:

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