Women’s Day in Ireland

This photo was taken in Ireland in 1972: a girl firing the weapon of her fiancé, who was wounded in battle against the British Army. After taking a rifle, she covered the evacuation of her loved one until she was killed.

When the commander of the battalion of English paratroopers learned that they had fought a woman, he ordered his soldiers not to touch her body and allowed the Irish to bury her.

This English officer said: “We are defending the Queen, who is not thinking of us. It was the woman who defended her beloved and her land.”

This photo was chosen as a symbol for Women’s Day in Ireland and had this caption: “Don’t be afraid to tie your life to a strong woman. Maybe the day will come when she becomes your only army.”

Comment of Aleksandr Gaponenko:

“The Irish fought with weapons in their hands for the right to speak their native language, to teach their children, to practice their religion – Catholicism. The struggle went on without interruption for 800 years!

Half of Ireland’s population was physically destroyed or starved by the British, and hundreds of thousands of women and children were sold into slavery. Irish songs and dances, Irish musical instruments, and Irish names were banned. The ancestral lands of the Irish were appropriated by the English barons.

The English were able to learn the Irish language, the Irish children at school studied English for centuries, most Irish became atheists. However, the British failed to assimilate the Irish.

It came to the point that in the 1970s Irish women with rifles in their hands fought for their loved ones, who defended the right of the Irish to preserve their national identity.”

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