The World Bank Is Pushing Ukraine to Sell off Its Land, Promising $15 Billion

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The acceptance of land reform can increase the annual output of production by $15 billion and increase GDP approximately by 1.5%.

This is stated in the column of the Director of the World Bank for Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine Satu Kahkonen “Land reform before the end of the year: three fronts for the government”, published on “epravda”.

“I hope that for the sake of the Ukrainian people and the economic prospects of the State, the authorities and politicians will lift the land moratorium in 2017.”

“Substantial reform of the land sector must include incentives for long-term investments and appropriate management of land resources, access to crediting, and land transfer to its most productive users,” it is said in the column.

“As a result the productivity of the agricultural sector can expand the annual output of production by $15 billion and increase GDP approximately by 1.5%,” added the director.

According to her, this will contribute to an approximate $2 billion increase in income from the one-time sale of State-owned lands and $250 million annually from their rent.

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