The World on the Eve of the Big Reset

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Yury Selivanov

The world on the eve of the big reset. For this Trump won’t wait for his inauguration.

There is no doubt that the newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump without delay will begin to embody his election program. And not only because he promised this to the American people, which in itself is very important, but also because simply America has no other choice. The 8-year reign of useless Obama, who by and large was just going with the flow, has led to the fact that the United States swam into a blind alley. And any further step within the old paradigm was becoming the equivalent of a chess zugzwang, i.e. was aggravating the situation even more.

By playing this game they arrived at the point that it was only possible to “unlock” a great number of geopolitical deadlocks, such as in Syria, or Ukraine, through global nuclear warfare. And this was, in fact, the goal of Clinton, who always confused “reset” with “overload”. And this is the reason why prudent America put this adventurer into retirement.

Thus, Trump has total carte blanche and the direct task of leading the country out of those traps that it was driven into by all of these Obamas and McCains. Moreover, taking into account the criticality of these situations and the need for their hasty resolution, Trump is unlikely to wait for the official introduction to the President’s rights. Especially as the status of the newly elected head of state gives him wide powers. It is not excluded that in the coming days the current administration in the White House will begin to work closely with Trump’s people and receive their guidance.

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In addition, there will very likely be a quick but well-prepared meeting at the highest level between Trump and Putin, during which both leaders will have to carry out a real reset on the most critical issues of bilateral relations – Syria and Ukraine. These two problems bear a maximum, in fact existential threat to Russia and the USA, and therefore their resolution must occur first. Or rather, as a top priority.

Regarding Syria, the most probable scenario is the joint destruction of ISIS and of all the groups of irreconcilable “revolutionaries”, with the subsequent disarmament of those “reconcilable”, and the carrying out of democratic elections in this country under rigid Russian-American control, in which victory is likely to be claimed by the current President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, which the States will be obliged to recognize as fact.

As for Ukraine, Trump will be forced to recognize the ineligibility of the actions of the previous American administration about the forcible imposition of a puppet regime in the country. Geopolitical agreement between Moscow and Washington is seen in the fact that Ukraine, as a first step, must be restored to its former intermediate status between Russia and the West, with full and unconditional guarantees of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Of course, without Crimea. And on the condition of a reset of Ukraine itself on the principles of democracy, multiculturalism, and national equality, which is already impossible without adequate and effective decentralization. In the future, Ukraine, as a part of historical Russia, will continue in the format of its regions, the natural economic and political drift towards Russia, which the United States will not, and cannot impeach it at this time.

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Rapprochement with Russia, in the way of sorting out the most acute problems in relation with her, will enable the new American administration globally to defuse the international situation and transfer its development into a more peaceful, non-catastrophic direction, which corresponds to the current capabilities of United States to a much greater extent than reckless, and thoughtless foreign expansion in all directions, from which the country can be strained from – if it has not already happened.

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