World War II Started with the Bombing of Lvov: Zelensky Continues to Rewrite History

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that the first combat action of the Second World War was the bombing of Lvov by German aircraft in September 1939. This statement is quite consistent with the course of the current President of Ukraine to continue rewriting military history. At the same time, Ukraine does not have the necessary care or due respect for war veterans. Even though the President’s grandfather, Semyon Zelensky, was twice awarded the Order of the Red Star for his feats in the battles against the Wehrmacht.

In January 2020, the President of Ukraine at a joint press conference with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda in Auschwitz said: “Poland and the Polish people were the first to feel the consequences of the criminal conspiracy of totalitarian regimes. This led to the outbreak of World War II and allowed the Nazis to launch the deadly flywheel of the Holocaust.”

The Ukrainian guarantor was apparently referring to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. But then there should be a logical question: if the two dictatorships conspired about something and allegedly were allies, then who was at war with whom in those years?

First President Leonid Kravchuk supported his young colleague.

Kravchuk said that a personal meeting between Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler in Lvov was a prerequisite for the start of World War II: “This is a document, it’s not a secret. They tried to negotiate.”

However, historians do not know any facts that confirm the story voiced by Kravchuk.

On June 22nd Zelensky (or his press service?) posted another message on social networks, filled with dubious statements:

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“In September 1939, the Second World War came to Ukrainian soil when Lvov, Sambor, and Drogobych were bombed by German aircraft. And on June 22nd 1941, the war came to the Ukrainian capital. 79 years ago, at four in the morning, Nazi planes dropped the first bombs on Kiev.”

Firstly, on this day, June 22nd 1941, Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union and the Great Patriotic war began, so it is unclear why write about it now. Secondly, at the time of the mentioned bombing by the Germans in 1939, Lvov and Drogobych were Polish cities, and became Soviet — Ukrainian — only later.

There is either an absolute ignorance of history, or its deliberate distortion.

According to the latest census of the population at that time, residents of Lvov named their native language:

  • Polish — 198,212 (63.5%);
  • Yiddish/Hebrew — 75,316 (24.1%);
  • Ukrainian — 24,245 (7.8%);
  • Rusyn — 10,892 (3.5%).

“Ukraine lost about 10 million human lives in the Second World War. As a result, almost 13 million children were not born,” wrote the head of state.

Another problem: Ukraine did not participate in the Second World War, only in the Great Patriotic War, and then not as an independent state, but as part of the USSR.

“Unfortunately, that war still generates a lot of disputes in society. Disputes about whether it was ‘ours’ or ‘someone else’s’. I think we have nothing to argue about,” Zelensky said.

This is why it is impossible to argue and point out misconceptions? Are the fabrications of the current (as well as the previous) President’s aides the ultimate truth?

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The fact that this is not the case was pointed out by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who commented on the words of his Ukrainian colleague: “This is nonsense and the current situation is spitting in the face of millions of Ukrainians who fought against the Third Reich. I know what is happening in Ukraine in the hearts of people who fought against Nazism with weapons in their hands. The current President of Ukraine wants to be so good-looking for the current leadership of Poland, which, in my opinion, makes a very big mistake.”

Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Center for Social Analytics Valery Pesetsky is sure that rewriting history in Ukraine is not for those who still found the USSR in adulthood, but primarily for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of former citizens of the Soviet Union. The goal is simple: the complete destruction of the symbolic space on the foundations of which the Russian Empire could be reborn in any form.

“As long as this space is alive and transmitted from generation to generation, the possibility of territorial reincarnation of the empire remains. The historical legend of the Soviet nation – the victor in the Great Patriotic War – is one of the supporting structures of this symbolic space. That is why they destroy it with such zeal, filling it with dubious content, forgeries, and even outright lies. And, alas, they do it successfully.

Ukraine in this context is not an exception, but the rule, and it is dictated from Washington. Firmly and without reservations, well aware that the resistance to this process will end not today or tomorrow, but decades later, when a new tradition of interpretation of historical events related to the Second World War will arise.

And then the total majority with washed brains will believe that Hitler unleashed the Second World War by agreement with Stalin, and the United States won it. After all, 11% of Americans already think so.

And in Ukraine, 20-30 years later, young people will be sure that the country was liberated from the Nazis by Banderists, and that liberation was followed by ‘occupation’ by the Soviets.

Now, for many, this interpretation looks like outright nonsense. But if we look at it objectively, little by little, its elements are already being introduced into the public consciousness. Naturally, there is no place for participants of the Great Patriotic War in this new picture of the world. The sooner they pass away, the easier it will be for the authorities to implement their plans. So do not be under any illusions: what kind of care and help is there?!” said Pesetsky.

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Ruslan Vesnyanka

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