World War III Between the US and Russia…Inside a Cup

Translated by Captain Ahab


By Elijah J.Magnier

A war of words and accusations has erupted between the United States and Russia, enough to suggest a third world war is on the verge of breaking out, due to the situation in Syria, but inside the cup, not on the ground, despite the saber-rattling, and bickering and the direct and indirect threats.

What does the US has to say?

A spokesman for the US State Department, Mark Toner, said that Washington is considering all the possibilities of diplomatic, military, and economic, confrontation with Russia, especially after the Syrian army’s and its allies progress within the eastern part of Damascus. The American media is hyperactive, in general, calling on the US administration to use force against Russia, to force Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to keep his air crafts grounded, by using “Tomahawk” rockets that would be supplied to the Syrian opposition and the jihadists of “Jabhat Fath Al-Sham” (previously Al-Qaeda) and its allies in northern Syria, and to keep the channeling intelligence information, which played a pivotal and essential role in the victories of the opposition and the jihadists in multiple fronts.

Washington wants Moscow to stop the advance of its allies on the battlefield in eastern Aleppo, to give the Jihadists an opportunity to replenish and fortify their positions, as during the first cease fire, which allowed the jihadists to re-occupy areas such as Khulsah, and Tal El-Eis and other areas around Aleppo. Washington wants the introduction of food aid humanitarian aid. However, they do not want to separate “Jaish Al-Fath” from the moderate armed opposition, because if it had then the war would be over, and they, meaning the US cannot push for a military solution and would have to enter into negotiations.

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What does Moscow want, and how is she preparing for a possible confrontation?

The first thing Moscow wants is the separation of the jihadists and “Jaish Al-Fath” from the rest of the moderate opposition forces, so that a comprehensive cease-fire can be implemented, and then going to the negotiating table and to force everyone to come to a negotiated settlement, and ensuring the preservation of a united Syria, the north-east to the Kurds and the Turks, and central part of the North to the jihadists and the opposition, and the south to Israel, and finally an area falling under the influence of Jordan. Moscow accuses the United States of work on the division of Syria, according under the banner of a “new Middle East”, and therefore – WASHINGTON – is prepared to deal indirectly with “Jaish Al-Fath” because it serves their interests.

According to sources in the leadership of Syria “Moscow is convinced that Washington and al-Qaida are not allies, but common goals brought them together, so that each party benefits from the other, so long as their interests do not intertwine. This prompted the United States to non-compliance with the second cease-fire, that was agreed between the two superpowers, because they do not want to hit strategic targets that would weaken their position in Syria, their current position dictates that Al-Qaeda remain strong.”

As for the use of “Tomahawk” to hit air crafts or airports that are under Assad, Moscow had previously deployed the “S-400” missiles system to defend their airports and aircrafts, after the Turkish assault on the Russian fighter last year. It sent the upgraded version of the “S-300” missiles called (SAE 23), which hunts American winged rockets, and enjoys a special advantage, which is, that it saves its coordinates and closes all communication which makes more difficult to jam it or to confuse its coordinates.

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A leading Russian source says that “the Russian aviation is the one that is conducting  the most surgical strikes, with the support of their allies on the ground, grounding the Syrian air force is only a folkloric step , as Moscow could send hundreds of its aircraft to the Airports in Hmeymim, Homs and Palmyra, and soon to Aleppo, America will not be able to stop Russia in Syria, only if it chooses to enter into a third world war, and this is unlikely for both sides.”

Moscow considers Syria to be it’s war, and is ready to defend Syria as if it was a Russian town, and more, because preserving its interests in the Middle East depends on what happens in Syria, to maintain its naval base and maritime airport in defiance of the Atlantic Alliance, as a forward base to protect its troops.

Russia believes it is “ready for peace, as well as ready for war, and for all possibilities, to maintain its power and prestige.” This means that an integrated and unified Syria survives and the survival of the Syrian regime, is a condition for the survival of Russia, the US understands this now. When America screams and yells that it wants to save eastern Aleppo, Russia increases it’s bombardment, if only to listen to the US scream. The solution is not a complicated for Russia, it is summarized as follows: “There are 900 from Jabhat Fath Al-Sham in Aleppo, let everyone distance themselves from them, and the US along with it’s “rebels” reveal coordinates of where they are positioned, so that they would be warned or bombed or to drag them out of the city, only then can the ceasefire be reinstated, and that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are clearly identified and targeted”.

Sources say that “the United States threatens to suspend its cooperation with Moscow. Where is this cooperation taking place? notifying the parties about the movement of air  crafts over the Syria geography is still happening, it did not stop, regardless of the current crisis between Moscow and Washington. Otherwise, there is no intelligence cooperation and certainly not a military one in Syria, because the Pentagon (US Defense Department) say that they refuse to cooperate with Russia.”

Moscow is ready for war and peace. America asks for peace and threatens with war. It’s a global war between the two powers, albeit, in a cup. Russia, on the ground sends more military forces to maintain the strategic security – as they say – and to the regime in Syria so that the Middle East does not live through another failed state, similar to what had happened to Libya, and almost happened to Iraq, amid a state of distrust between Moscow and the United States, though they do not speak about the partitioning of Syria openly, but the US’ support for the Kurds in the north, without disclosing its plans, especially unnerving is the presence of US military forces on Syrian land, without permission from the Syrian government.

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America wants to freeze the situation in Syria, without separating jihadists from moderates, all this raises the case for distrust, and keeps the finger of both nations on the trigger, each on it’s own have the ability to destroy the world several times over. The Syrian war has proved that it is not limited to a specific geographic area in the Middle East, but stretch itself beyond it’s borders.

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