The World’s Storm Has Only Just Begun…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Russia has openly called the US the accomplices of terrorists, the EU massively penalizes American companies, President of Israel accuses Ukrainian Nazis of a Holocaust… this is only the beginning

The past few days have been extremely eventful, even if we do not mention the speeches at the UN Security Council, where Russia practically openly accused the US of protecting terrorist groups, and also stated that “further attempts to build a unipolar world will be meaningless and ineffective”.

Shares of Deutsche Bank sank again, breaking multi-year lows, against the background of speculation that Merkel’s government supposedly is not going to help the bank. But this is a matter of interpretation. The original could be something like “we won’t pay Americans”, and “honest” journalists could present it as “we’re not going to save the bank”. The subtleties of translation, and the subtleties of perception – everyone hears what he wants to hear, and writes the way the owners of the publications want them to.

In fact, as I have repeatedly predicted, the campaign on wasting “Deutsche Bank” is actively continuing. The Americans want the European economy to collapse before the bubbles of US bank derivatives burst (which individually are almost not inferior to German ones, and collectively are several times bigger).

Europeans are resisting. And after the tax penalties, of “Apple”, “McDonald’s” was fined (commented with this phrase “this is only the beginning”) and said that they found violations in excess of ten billion euros in international banks (mostly American, which, of course, is “purely coincidental”) .

The next significant fact: the EU representatives in Ukraine on the eve of the visit to Kiev by European Commissioner for trade Cecilia Malmström said that the EU does not intend to provide Kiev with the earlier promised loan of 600 million euros.

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It means that here also Europeans show Washington “you may have bent the IMF, but it will not work with us”.

Also other little things – the head of the International Olympic Committee suddenly woke up and said he didn’t understand the reasons for the suspension of Russian athletes from participation in the Olympics. It would have been better if he had kept his silence, just a disgrace. But, it seems he also feels that the wind is changing.

Another guest in Kiev, the Israeli President, speaking in the Rada, which was more than completely full of neo-Nazis, condemned the crimes of the OUN-UPA “fighters” involved in the Jewish pogroms during the Second World War, particularly the massacre at Babi Yar. If I correctly understood the inept Ukrainian translation of his speech, his own Aunt Cecilia and her nephews were killed by Banderists.

And all ideological Nazis were sat in silence and left the offence to drip down them. No Parasyuk kicked him in the head (and not even a scratch on his car) no Bereza threw him a bottle of water, no one chanted at him in Ukrainian. Of course, they are indignant on their little Nazi blogs, but it was only later, during the speech of “foreigners” all of them silently left the offence to drip down them.

And, as Vladimir Bogun snidely noticed, the Israeli President was not even prosecuted for violating the law “On the legal status and honoring fighters for the independence of Ukraine in the 20th century”. Paragraph 1 of article 6 of the epical document reads:

“Citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, and persons without citizenship, who publicly express disregard for the persons referred to in article 1 of this law, preventing the realization of the rights of fighters for independence of Ukraine in the 20th century are responsible in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.” But nothing like that happened.

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Remember, ruined Ukrainian, here the owners indeed have relations with Jerusalem.

But if we speak seriously, “our people” have always clearly understood when it is possible to drop waste material.

And internal news of Ruin [Ukraine – ed] is also revealing.

1. In Poltava an angry crowd, unhappy with tariffs, burst into the town hall and nearly lynched the Mayor.

It is said that a similar incident happened in another city center, but I still double-check this information.

2. In Zaporozhye employees of the largest agricultural holding publicly demanded Poroshenko to restore trade and economic ties with Russia. Before that, a similar statement was made by one of the deputies.

It is possible that this is a coordinated chain of events, and in this way a part of the Ukrainian elite sends a signal to Russia that they are ready to negotiate. With high probability we can assume that they are ready to become more active against the regime of “Eurointegraters”. If they receive guarantees of support. In any case – this is already open denial of the nonsense about “Russian aggression” and actually an announcement of a revolt.

3. In Kiev the platform of the metro station “Heroes of the Dnieper” cracked in half. The crack was over ten meters in length. And for the last week the ceiling of the station twice partially collapsed. Most of the passengers prefer to walk to a nearby station and take the subway there, not risking to use the emergency station. Locals link the accident with the construction of another shopping center on the surface, but it is also an indicator of the general deterioration of infrastructure. However, also the incapacity of the Kiev authorities, who are unable to take any action – either to stop the construction or to strengthen and repair the platform.

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In summary: the resistance of Europe to the United States is intensifying, taking increasingly radical forms. Europeans (and not only) already openly sending Washington to the crotch, not to mention the regime of drunk Porky.

In Ukraine chaos and ruin is growing (which, as we know, begins in the head). The discontent of the inhabitants also is reaching the tipping point, and the more the collapse will intensify, the more the revolt will be radical (especially because today we see that a part of the revolt already carries not a Nazi character, but Porky is squeezed from the side by the demand of reconciliation and reintegration with Russia). Part of the elites is ready to lead and organize these public demonstrations. The “government” is not able to tackle even the simplest challenges, like crumbling plaster or broken pipes.

More will follow.

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