Wounded Yellow Vest Jérôme Rodrigues Responded to a Journalist Who Reproached Him for Saying That He Was Shot

Wounded in the eye on January 26th 2019 during Act 11 of the mobilisation, Jérôme Rodrigues, one of the figures of the Yellow Vests movement, spoke on April 7th on the airwaves of the BFMTV channel. Answering the question of a journalist who questioned him about whether or not he wanted to enter into negotiations with the government, the Yellow Vest did not dismiss this prospect, recalling that the movement had to first structure itself. “Let them stop shooting at us, let them let us demonstrate peacefully,” he added, irritating one of the studio guests, the political journalist Nicolas Domenach. “Do not use words like ‘shoot’. In Venezuela they shoot but … “ he commented.

It was then that Jérôme Rodrigues, taking off his glasses and pointing to his wounded eye, replied to the journalist: “Mr. Domenach, I did not put my finger in my eye, it’s a flash ball, we are shot,” he insisted, causing palpable discomfort in the studio. “Do not say that,” said Nicolas Domenach again, assuring: “In Venezuela, there are deaths”.

In the aftermath of the mobilisation act, Jérôme Rodrigues was also asked to comment on the participation in the citizen movement while the day of April 6th was marked, among other things, by a small mobilisation than the previous ones. Referring to the existence of actions during the week in parallel with the Saturday demonstrations (which he also considers are understated by the government), the Yellow Vest considered that the mobilisation, as a whole, has not faltered.

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