WW2 Victory Day to be Decommunized in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




In Ukraine, holidays on May 1st and the Victory Day on May 9th can disappear.

This was declared by the director of the Ukrainian Institute of National memory Vladimir Vyatrovich, reports Apostrophe.

According to him, the staff of institute have already drafted the bill “About State Holidays in Ukraine”, and in the near future it will be exposed for public discussion.

“I think that we shouldn’t speak about such state holiday as May 1st. Also, we should gradually and decisively replace the focus from May 9th with May 8th (like in western Europe – ed). Also, I am sure that it’s needless to keep March 8th as a state holiday. At the state level only those holidays that celebrate events that were critical, extremely important for Ukraine as a state – Independence Day, Constitution day – should be celebrated… and not some holidays that we inherited from the Soviet past,” declared Vyatrovich.

I recall that for liberation of Ukraine from fascist occupation, including from Ukrainian accomplices of Nazis, 6 million Ukrainians perished.

In an arsenal of information wars there is such a concept as “substitution of history”. It is precisely this, in my opinion, that happened in Ukraine. Before, Ukrainians knew that they were one people that defeated fascism. Today, by means of “brainwashing” predominantly by grant-eating press and television, Ukrainians were persuaded that they are a victim nation, “the post-genocidal nation”. And it is already psychology of a vagrant, Ivan, who didn’t know where they came from — disoriented, resentful to the whole world, and aggressive because of it… A substitution of a truly heroic history  with a false, cannibalistic one takes place.

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Because Ukrainians of this other Ukraine, during its existence, which today is called a period of slavery, genocide, and occupation, showed great heroism, building and defending their Motherland, which Ukraine was a part of. More than six million Ukrainians were fighting against fascism in the ranks of the Red Army. Also, more than half a million Ukrainians became partisans and in occupied territories were selflessly at war with German fascist invaders and their accomplices.

It is known that along with great heroes of the Ukrainian people, there were also traitors who behaved with especial brutality. They were no more than 300,000, which in relation to six and a half million of those at war against fascism is a pathetic minority. But the degree of cruelty in their atrocities was such that today its echoes are thought of as one of the main motives of that war.

The tragedy of today’s Ukraine is in the fact that already attempts for quite long time to assemble precisely from these 300,000 betrayers some new, scary, neo-Nazi, and revanchist fundamental myth of existence of the nation.

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