Yakov Kedmi: Washington Hides the True Power of “Sarmat” and “Avangard” From Americans

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The US started to speak about renewing the program of space platforms for missile defence because it is afraid to publicly admit the fact that Russia overtook them in terms of quality of weapons long ago, noted the Israeli political scientist Yakov Kedmi during a conversation in the “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” program about the American war industry.


In fact, the situation of the Pentagon is far worse. For example, the super-new missile defense system announced for 2020 that is supposed to “shoot down Russian missiles” is helpless against the “Avangard” and “Sarmat”, systems put into operation in 2018 by Russia, he said.

“The entire system that the Americans spent tens of billions of dollars on is reduced to zero by this missile. And the ‘Avangard’ warhead on this missile made the entire American defense system that its policy has been built on up to now completely ineffective”

said Kedmi

Now Washington decided to return to the strategy of a pre-emptive strike and started talking about the creation of updated space platforms, having changed their concept. But the government cannot now tell the American people that Russia surpasses the US in strategic weapons, since taxpayers will inevitably ask questions about where their money went and what was done during all these years, therefore Washington hides the true power of “Avangard” and “Sarmat”.

“Therefore they will be stubborn, they will speak about the aerospace forces that were created in Russia several years before that”

he concluded

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