“Yankee Go Home”: Picket Near the US Embassy in Kiev on 13.02.2014

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


flackelf.livejournal.com (published on February 13th, 2014)

Here it is – the huge embassy building of the “big brother” or of the modern “empire of good”, which was built in Kiev quite recently. It is precisely from here that the coordination of all events in the post-Soviet space, from Georgia to Estonia, and of everything that is directed against Russia, its weakening, and finally its disintegration. Kiev, because of the US, today turned into the main hotbed of russophobia and a base for the spreading of anti-Russian policy in all the former post-Soviet space.

The Americans feel in today’s Kiev like the masters, and possibly consider that they hooked onto this land firmly and seriously. Just look at what the fruits of long-term brainwashing cost, made on their money in the former Soviet Ukraine – Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Millions of Ukrainians – normal in the past, ordinary Soviet people who consider themselves as one with Russians and Belarusians – were turned into a russophobic brainwashed herd – tirelessly mooing about a certain unity with mythical “Europe” – using manipulative information technologies on US money. Work of an especially high-quality was carried out using the West’s money on the Ukrainian youth, whose brains were dirtied to such an extent that children even from Russian families sometimes entered into units of Banderist militants – pogromists. There are such cases.

All the events in Ukraine during all these years lie on the conscience of the US government and their European vassals. Well, and of course, on the Ukrainian government and all its Presidents – beginning from Kravchuk and finishing with Yanukovych, who allowed all of this, and at times even encouraged it. The cunning Ukrainian authorities during all 22 years wanted to sit one ass on two chairs; to do what the West will want it to do, and at the same time to be allegedly “on friendly terms” and receive economic preferences from Russia.

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It seems that we are witnesses of the outcome of the Ukrainian question, which is grew ripe during all the Post-Soviet years.

The guy in a red jacket and mask resembles a provoker from Maidan. He tried to take a picture of everyone’s face.

By the way, in one of the videos verbal sparring with a passerby was heard, one of such “modern Ukrainians”. These people consider themselves as certain “real Ukrainians and patriots”, while all those who sincerely wish goodness and prosperity for Ukraine – which is impossible without unity with Russia – are declared by them as enemies. They are threatened and insulted, told to go live in the Russian Federation, and so on.

It is in such a situation that we have lived for many years, but in the last three months all of this became excessively aggravated, threatening to develop into an open armed conflict, the epicenter of which is Kiev.

America needed big destabilization, and ideally – civil war in the underbelly of Russia. It’s a pity that not all modern Russians understand the threat it poses, for the Russian Federation. After all, in the end the main aim of all the Eurasian policy of the US is precisely Russia, and Russians shouldn’t think that the approaching trouble concerns only Ukraine.

Ordinary inhabitants of Kiev, who disagree with the ongoing lawlessness fuelled on the US’ money in the center of Kiev, participated in a picket. It’s not all residents of Ukraine and Kiev who succumb to massive pro-West and anti-Russian propaganda.

The main issues in the organization of the action were resolved by the Kiev Right Cossacks. Here is their site.

The St. George’s Ribbon became a symbol of unification with Russia and honoring our common history. And also, recently – a symbol of resistance to the Banderist aggression that we faced here in Kiev.


All events at the so-called Euromaidan, all riots, seizures, and violence are coordinated from the US Embassy in Kiev.

Victoria Nuland – the official representative of the US State Department; at present she supervises the Ukrainian events on behalf of the US Government. By the way it is precisely her who on the Kiev Maidan distributed cookies. This story already became common knowledge.

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While I was in Russia, there was a scandal connected with this already odious person.

Information from the Internet: On February 7th, 2014, Nuland appeared in the center of a diplomatic scandal in connection with an audio recording of a telephone conversation published on the Internet between a woman and a man, in which there is allegedly the US ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt and her. During a conversation the woman uttered an obscene statement about the EU concerning its participation in the settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine, which caused sharp criticism to arrive from EU political leaders. The State Department Spokesperson Jennifer Psaki later confirmed the authenticity of the conversation, having specified that Nuland already apologized for “the words attributed to her”.

Oh God! What hypocrisy…. “oh, she apologised”.

Let the US Embassy start getting used to such visits.

[Video title: “America go away!”]

Another, more developed video appeared. In it I speak at some point – at the 4th or 5th minute. Aleksey from St. Petersburg – your ribbon is on me, which you gifted to me at the office on Griboyedov Canal.

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