Yanukovych “Treason” Trial: Poroshenko Lied in Court About His Visit to Crimea in 2014

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko spoke about how he visited Crimea in February, 2014. He did this at the request of the prosecutors during an interrogation in the case of Viktor Yanukovych’s treason, which is being heard in the Obolonsky district court of Kiev.

According to the narrative of Poroshenko, he behaved like a hero who opposed the Russian aggressors, but video footage of those days shows the unfriendly way in which he was met by ordinary Crimeans.

“The airport was surrounded. Journalists with cameras were stood outside in a line. Several people tried to stop me. There was a fight. I broke through the encirclement. And when I entered the zone the cameras were pointing at, they were afraid to pursue me,” said Poroshenko.

Further, Poroshenko started fantasising and spoke about how Crimeans supported and protected him against provocateurs.

“Near the Supreme Rada of Crimea I was surrounded at first by dozens, and then hundreds of people. Some of them were provocateurs who tried to hit and push me, and then threatened me. Some of them rose in my defense. I believe that there was a direct threat to my life. Thanks to those people whose actions defended me,” said Poroshenko.

In the video chronicle it is visible that only policemen protected Poroshenko, and ordinary people unanimously chanted “Get out of Crimea!” [as well as “fascists won’t pass” – ed].

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